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7 Best Qualities of Smoker Relationships

7 Best Qualities of Smoker Relationships You have the smoking supplies! Now enjoy with your bestie or your significant other. Relationships between two smokers have a special something that just can’t be understood by others. Whether it’s the goofiness, unique conversation topics, or shared hobbies and cravings, these 7 elements make smoker relationships the best and brightest. MORE FUN Even the most mundane activities are adventures if you’re a smoker couple. Grocery shopping is like walking through a wonderland of endless possibilities. Walking to get coffee is like stepping out into a wild new world of fun. And don’t even get...

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How-To: Beginner's Guide to Choosing Your Next Bong

Beginner's Guide to Choosing Your Next Bong Whether buying your first bong, replacing an old piece or simply adding to your collection of smoking supplies, picking out the right item can seem daunting. You want to get the most bang for your buck but you also want something that suits you and your lifestyle. To help aid you on this quest, DHC has put together the Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Your Next Bong. Dry Herbs or Legal Concentrates? Water pipes are ideal for both legal dry herbs and concentrates, but which one you plan on using can dictate the type of pipe you...

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Daily High Club's January Smoking Supplies Unboxing!

A Look Inside the DHC January Box! From starting in a basement in Washington, DC to chilling in Tommy Chong’s backyard, Daily High Club is excited to move on to a bigger and better 2018! We resolve to keep bringing you f*cking awesome smoking supplies from the great state of California. Kicking off the year with a bang, here’s a list of all the goodies found in the DHC January Box.  Get yours today!   Circ Perc Champagne Bottle Pop into the New Year with our custom circ perc champagne bottle water pipe! We may not all be the type to pop...

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The All-Inclusive Smoker Tool

The All-Inclusive Smoker Tool It splices; it dices; it cleans your bowl! No, this isn’t the start of a bad infomercial. This is the introduction to the Swiss army knife of smoking supplies: the Smoker Tool. Available in DHC’s January Box, this all-inclusive steel smoking accessory is a must-have for all of life’s adventures. Oh, the things you can do! Smoker Tool features include: Bowl cleanerMulti-size roll holderShredder/chopperMini rulerBottle openerBlunt splicerEmergency “911 Concentrate Stand”Cell standScooperNail removerCan openerEver essential toaster-oven puller If you want to master this heady helper, keep an eye out for the upcoming instructional YouTube video!

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Best of Daily High Club Influencers 2017

Daily High Club has had an epic 2017 and we can't wait to see what the New Year has in store. We were able to grow as a company and work with incredible people in the industry, including legendary Tommy Chong! Check out some of our favorite moments below and stay tuned for all the epic smoking supplies and collaborators in 2018.  TOMMY CHONG AND HIS EPIC STEAMROLLER Who can forget Daily High Club's epic collaboration with Tommy Chong!? This will go down in the DHC history books and certainly made our year. Chong helped curate the box with the...

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