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Why You Need to Be at Benzinga's Capital Conference

Have you heard? The best in the biz will all be in one place! The Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference is right around the corner and the best and brightest minds in the industry will be gathering in Miami, Florida for two days of networking with everyone from executives, to entrepreneurs, to investors! Take a deep dive into the top 3 reasons to be beachside at Benzinga!
Benzinga Conference Photo
(Photo Courtesy Benzinga)
This is a premier opportunity to enter the Industry!
Whether you are an entrepreneur with the next great idea in the green rush, someone stacked with cash looking to invest, or even just looking to get your foot in the door this is the place to be! People from every level of business will be there and this is a perfect chance to shake hands and impress the right people. Top executives from some of the largest dispensaries and even legislators will be here sharing their wisdom with you to be able to go back to your community and be on the cutting edge of this fresh industry.
Take off the chill this Winter
Everyone is always looking for a reprieve from the bone chillingly cold ice and snow of Winter. Miami is known for its heat, beaches, and general party atmosphere. There’s no better way to heat up than the Florida sun and talking to top level industry executives! A 2004 study done by the University of Michigan found that people who spend even as little as 30 minutes outside in nice weather had happier moods! They even went as far as to say this could be accomplished with a trip to warmer climates (like Miami!)
You can take advantage of our special offer for you!
Right now if you purchase your tickets for the Benzinga conference with code “DHC” you’ll get all this access for a fraction of the price! At 50% off you won’t find a better bang for your buck when it comes to the knowledge that will be shared and the access to important people. This is also a chance to meet our own HighCEO Harrison Baum who will be in attendance this month, this is one offer you certainly can not miss on!
This conference is not only the talk of the town, but the whole industry and you absolutely do not want to miss it! Grab your tickets while you still can and we’ll see you in Miami!

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