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Why Shopping Online is the Safest Option During the Global Pandemic

With Covid-19 numbers continuing to rise in the US and in many other places globally, it’s important that we are all playing our part to not only protect ourselves, but protect each other.
Although many places across the country have begun to reopen slowly with local limits, it can be anxiety-inducing to go into stores when it sometimes feels, “unnecessary” but smoking supplies are definitely a must have.
Whether you’re stuck in the house, or still on your feet due to working an essential position, Daily High Club wants to make things easiest for you! A lot of companies and businesses will be transitioning to an online method of selling to decrease foot traffic and person to person contact. 


Minimal Physical Contact:
Our online services make it easy to order exactly what you’d like, directly to your door, with minimum contact. Our company has always been based online which means there was almost no transition when the pandemic hit.
Now that everything has been more regulated throughout the chaos of this pandemic, we’d like to take care of not only our customers, but also our employees.
As a small company, we only have a small number of people handling our product before it’s shipped out. This means that not only will there be a lot less foot traffic, but also less interaction between people handling the product.
At Daily High Club, there is no need to ever go in a store, however if you do find yourself having any questions, we have a strong customer service team who is willing to answer any questions about our company or products at
daily high club best deals
Best Deals:
At Daily High Club, we always offer the best deals and sales. Whether it’s a dab rigs, new bong, or a variety pack; our prices are final.
Oftentimes at in person smoke shops there will be deals that are “hidden” or are an “ask only” type of deals. This means that without asking for a special or discount, the business could charge the customer more, if they’re willing to pay the price.
Not only have we maintained low prices throughout our products and subscriptions, but this also means that our prices are final! Besides shipping, there are no extra or inflated fees when it comes to shopping with us. Our final prices remain generally low because we want to offer the best deals for the most variety at an honest price.
daily high club subscription box

Consistency & Variety:

Not only do we do our best to carry an array of products varying from accessories, to simple glass, to intricate rig designs, to electric vaporizers, but we also provide consistency when it comes to the monthly subscription box. 

At Daily High Club, one of our primary services is the monthly subscription box that is available for $29.99 a month. Although the glass and the theme for the subscription box change from month to month, a lot of the accessories remain the same or very similar. This means that at least once a month you will likely, at the minimum get some of the following products:

-Rolling papers


-Clipper Lighter


-Doob Tubes

Some other popular items include hemp wrap, crutches / carbs, and other randomized accessories that are always really dope!

daily high club subscription box

In addition to our glass subscription box, El Primo, we also offer two other monthly subscription options; the Connoisseur and the All Natural. These subscriptions are perfect for those who are looking for just the basics when it comes to smoking accessories and are perfect for those on a budget, ranging from $1.00/ month to $9.99/ month.


We also have an FAQ available on our website for any questions surrounding or concerning the pandemic. We want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to your safety so we’ve composed a list of questions that have been received within the last few months. We strive to make this the safest option as possible when it comes to shopping for smoking supplies and do everything that’s under our control to ensure safe, clean, and sanitary practices within our company.

Current numbers / cases:

On Wednesday, July 23, California reached a new daily record of Covid cases with 12,000+ new cases, however the fact that it broke it’s daily record is no news. High density states like California, New York, and Florida have been breaking their records on a daily basis for a while now. With local regulations varying from city to county to state, it’s been difficult for anybody to keep up with local numbers and policies.

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