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What to Expect For The Top Bongs in 2020

What to expect at DHC in the 2020 new year:

With the new year approaching it’s about time to start planning for the new decade's resolutions and goals. This past year has been a big year for the industry but with a new decade coming up it offers up even more opportunity as brands become better established. This year Daily High Club focused on brand and celebrity collaborations and customer feedback. In addition to maintaining these operations, we plan to bring in more celebrities and brands, releasing a variety of independent pieces, and bringing in more novelty glass releases. In 2020 we can expect more design upgrades, collaborations, trendy glass, customer feedback and even progress for the industry towards legalization.


As this year comes to a close, new pushes towards legalization have been moving forward in congress. Just this month, Michigan was the 10th state to approve and put in motion recreational cannabis sales. With 33 states now in conjunction with medical sales and 11 states for recreational, including Illinois, which will begin their recreational sales on January 1st, it was time for federal legislation to be taken into consideration. A national bill that was approved by the house last month in November would remove marijuana as a Schedule 1 substance, allow states to establish independent laws on it, and includes a 5% sales tax that would be used towards job training for those who were hit hardest by incarceration.

What bongs are going to be trending in 2020?

From celebrity collaborations to quality glass and beakers, to diverse percs, and collectors glass, 2020 is going to be full of all the most exciting pieces. From more collectors glass, like our collection of food pieces to color variations throughout our lines like the honey bear, globe piece, and skull collection we want to expand collections while maintaining the same levels of style and quality. DHC works continuously to promote the most quality delivery service for stoners and that’s exactly what we plan to uphold in 2020.

More Celebrity and Influencer Collaborations:

In 2020 you can expect DHC to continue and to plan more partnerships with brands, celebrities, and influencers across the board. While in 2019 Daily High Club did three collabs for the El Primo boxes alone, there can be more expected this upcoming year with influencers like MacDizzle and Koala Puffs. From subscription boxes to glass collaborations the best part of working together is the creativity of each piece brought to the store.

Classic Design Upgrades:

Not only will we continue to offer a custom touch to each style of glass we design but we’re constantly working to upgrade our already awesome glass.  From dry pipes like the pig glass to pink pig bong, and upgrades like our grenade pipe to grenade bong have been some customer favorites that make great for incredible upgrades for the smoothest hits. 

Daily High Club Grenade Collection
$29.99 - $44.99

Classic pieces like our grenade collection have been popular favorites amongst release. When the Grenade Pipe first came out it was in constant demand as the performance on it was consistently reviewed as some of the best quality. Since then the Grenade bubbler and the Grenade beaker have been successful upgrades when it comes to the best quality rips. Through each model, we’ve maintained not only the novelty of the glass, but the function has only gotten better.

Let us know what has been your favorite Daily High Club piece has been so that we can look into more classic upgrades for future glass this year. With collections constantly growing it’s fun to watch the evolution of glass as it tirelessly improves in quality.

Novelty glass:

Expect more fun glass this upcoming year with exciting collections of our most valuable pieces, like our skull selection. With every color still in stock, end this year with a Friday the 13th special and order one of these spooky skulls.

Daily High Club Skull Bong Collection
$54.99 - $79.99

Kicking off the season with a standard clear glass skull rig, we wanted to duplicate that same sense of spookiness and smoothness so, that’s exactly what we did. With a high demand for the function and style, this glass was made available in four different colors.

With other collections including the Honey Bear collection, the Christmas collection, and the fruit collection it’s always fun to keep a series growing. If there’s any themed glass you would like to see on our shelves, let us know. We love watching subscriber’s collections grow as they get bigger and more custom to each individual's style.

Brand collaborations:

Along with celebrity collaborations we’d like to continue doing collaborations with teams like Lit Club Life, The Happy Kit, RAW, and MJArsenal. Brands that are committed to providing the customer with the best experience is who we strive to collaborate with, so if there is something that you’re dying to see in our El Primo kit or in our store, please don't hesitate to let us know. We want to make sure DHC is providing nothing but the most trusted, reliable, and demanded brands. 

Daily High Club Happy Kit
$29.99 - $39.99

These are the perfect all-in-one kits for both herb lovers and concentrate lovers, like the subscription boxes these innovative kits have a lot to offer for every kind of sesh. 

Look forward to more brand collaborations like this in 2020!

Store glass releases in 2020:

In 2020 we want to focus on bringing more independent pieces of glass to life. Although the El Primo boxes are great for regular upgrades and trying new things we want to bring more glass to our shelves that can be found exclusively at Daily High Club. 

Raw OG and Daily High Club Bong Collaboration

Independent glass pieces are some of the most demanded pieces, from towering straight shooters like this beauty to the highest functioning percolators DHC wants to continue to bring the most dynamic glass to the table. Glass releases like this are what we plan to continue to bring to the table year-round, and better every time. 

Taking feedback seriously:

This year was about focusing on taking customer feedback seriously at Daily High Club. Ensuring we are hearing you all out and responding to what’s been requested in stores. From pieces like the Baked Turkey bong to comebacks like the 90’s cup bong, we love hearing feedback from you all. From classic themed boxes that hold close to someone’s heart to specific glass pieces, we want to ensure we’re bringing what you want to the table. 

Daily High Club wants to know what YOU want in 2020!

From collaborations, to restock and upgrades we want to know what you would like to see DHC take on next year. This year we launched boxes with multiple influencers and we want to know who you would like to see collaborate with DHC next! Comment or tag you’re a favorite influencer who wants us to work with so that we’re constantly striving to bring you what you want, all year round and all decade long. 

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  • DHC best company and customer service! So creative. Looking forward to 2020!

    SmokinMom on

  • I love the pieces even though i haven’t boughta box yet. But ive seen the pieces and i agree with most people when i say, the bowls should be different rather than the same simple design. Like if u have a grande piece(which you do) make a bowl that replicated or somewhat similar to the idea

    Cody on

  • I have recieved 2 el primo boxes so far I just subscribed in November, but I already love yall, and the boxes. I think video game culture would be cool to collab into, or sports related. Whatever yall choose I am sure it will be awesome, thanks for doing what you guys do!!

    Patrick Mixis on

  • Do more star wars bongs.

    Jayce on

  • Love daily high club, going to have to go back to monthly payments in April, but anyway, my only suggestion would be if there is anyway to start shipping sooner!!! By the comments people leave on instgram!! I’ m searchingforshootingstars58!! Again love you guys!!!

    Joan Wright on

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