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The Daily High Club team would like to thank everyone who has contributed their story. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of responses. Proceeds from our June boxes will go toward The American Legion. This incredible organization promotes the research of alternative treatment methods. For the remaining month of June, we will be featuring Veteran stories we have received. To protect their identities, we will change some of the details and names so as not to jeopardize their current jobs. 

If you would like to donate to The American Legion, we encourage you do so! 

Our second story is from a Sergeant in the USMC. Like many other Marines, he was not fully aware of the mental struggles endured, only the physical ones. Read about his challenges of assimilating back to civilian life and how he overcame with the help of alternative treatments. 

Dear DHC, 

First off, I would like to thank each and everyone one of you for coming up with and executing such an awesome idea. I believe there are more veterans turning to alternative treatments as medicine for their aches and pain, both visible and not, now more than ever.

Myself, upon leaving the Marine Corps began what most other veterans doing; my disability claim. Now, typically, veterans do not usually learn a whole lot about what is messed up with their body, as they likely already feel what hurts. However, I think that what most veterans do realize is that we are no longer who we used to be, and it becomes very apparent to us when we return home as a civilian, and not just on leave.

This realization comes swift, and painfully. I began therapy for my anxiety and depression, when my Therapist asked me if I knew my full diagnoses, to which I replied no. When this lady told me that I had been diagnosed with PTSD I couldn’t say anything, I just had thought that my anxiety had gotten much worse over the years and that it was normal.

Life with severe anxiety and depression is very difficult, and it presents all new challenges when you cannot relate to those around you very well. Since I began alternative treatments to treat my anxiety and depression I think I finally had an idea of what it is to be like without sadness and frustration daily, and I am forever thankful that my state has taken proper legislative action, and now I can treat my problems with the medication I want to take, and not the medication that has made me suicidal on so many occasions. Again, I would like to personally thank EVERYONE at Daily High Club for doing what they do, and doing oh so well. The support to veterans means the world to us, and I hope to hear from you all.

                                                                                                        With love,


*we have taken out any identifying descriptors and names to protect his identity*

*Picture from The Stranger 

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