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DHC May Box Smoking Supplies

Summertime Adventures

It’s almost summer time and DHC wants to make the livin’ easy with the May Summertime Adventures Box of smoking supplies. We’ve put together a ready-made travel kit for any intrepid smoker prepared to brave the great outdoors - or your great backyard! No matter the excursion, this box is the perfect compliment.

Traveler’s Pipe

DHC May Box Smoking Supplies Traveler's Pipe

Are you a hardcore traveler or traveling just this summer? This little baby has a diamond-shaped, one hole perc, making it a powerful little bubbler and you’re new go-to piece. Comes fitted with a 14mm female downstem and beachy green and gold DHC logo.

Hawaiian Skunk 1 ¼ Flavored Papers

DHC May Box Smoking Supplies
Dressed like your dad on a cruise, except these papers won’t embarrass you on the dance floor! Unlike the norm, each Skunk Hawaiian paper features an enticing tropical flavor while maintaining the same high-quality hemp and slow-burning characteristics you need. Enjoy a sweet escape with every roll.

RAW Perforated Wide Tips

DHC May Box Smoking Supplies
These quality hemp tips have perforated edges that make them easier to rip off and roll. All natural and chemical free, these unbleached tips will keep your mouth clean while your toes get sandy.

Windproof Torch Lighter

DHC May Box Smoking Supplies

Breezy beaches and gusty peaks are no match for this cigar-style jet lighter. This is the most powerful spark we’ve ever used! You will be able to light up from over an inch away so wield with caution.

Cyclone Strawberry Hemp Cone

DHC May Box Smoking Supplies
Packed with strawberry flavor, these tobacco-free cones include a built-in filtered tip and come in a resealable to-go tube. Cyclone cones are all natural, made from cotton cellulose, glycerin and water, and utilize Cyclone’s “Triple-Dip System,” guaranteeing the most mouth-watering flavor.

Hemparillo Mango Haze Hemp Wraps

DHC May Box Smoking Supplies
Pure hemp and sweet mango all wrapped up for one tasty smoke. Each pack includes four tobacco-free, “‘rillo size”  wraps ready to roll up. Smoke them all in one sesh, or take your time - the pack reseals for freshness!

100% Natural Hemp Wick

DHC May Box Smoking Supplies
Hemp wick is the ultimate way to light up, don’t get it twisted - or do! Twist the hemp wick up around your lighter to ensure you’ve always got a clean, tasty hit.

Reusable Stash ContainerDHC May Box Smoking Supplies

This jar is air and water tight as well as light resistant to keep your stash safe from the elements and nosy intruders!

DHC Drawstring Bag

DHC May Box Smoking Supplies
Pack a travel kit for all your epic journeys! Made from a durable fabric and displaying a cool DHC logo design in a summery, palm tree print, this drawstring bag is perfect for toting your favorite on-the-go smoking supplies.
Order a Daily High Club subscription box any time during the month of May to get the DHC Summertime Adventures Box of smoking supplies!

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  • Obsessing over the hammer bub. Its amazing

    HEather on

    The DHC’s May box is SWEET with yummy tropical and fruity flavors papers and cones. I’m NEVER disappointed! So much so that I renewed my subscription! Yeah Buddy! Thank You!

    Dawn Cappell on

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