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DHC March Box Smoking Supplies B Real

Daily High Club has teamed up with Dr. Greenthumb himself for the DHC March Subscription Box of smoking supplies! DHC was able to collaborate with B-Real of Cypress Hill (among many other things) to make sure your sesh is fresh AND funky. Just sit back, spark one, and get insane in the membrane with this month’s crazy box.

Dr. Greenthumb’s Prescription Pill Dry Pipe

DHC March Box Smoking Supplies Pill Pipe

We’re bringing you exactly what the doctor ordered this month. The custom Dr. Greenthumb pill-shaped dry pipe is the perfect addition to your smoking supplies collection. One a day keeps bad vibes away!

Elements Rice 1 ¼ Papers

DHC March Box Smoking Supplies Elements Papers

Made from pure rice paper and no added chemicals, these papers also feature a patented Rolling Supreme watermark to maintain smooth, even burning. Each pack features a magnetic closure, guaranteeing safety for your precious papers!

Elements Perforated Tips

DHC March Box Smoking Supplies Elements Tips

Each tip is perforated a ¼ way down the tip down, making for easy rolling. Just tear one off when required. Chlorine- and chemical free, Elements Tips will strengthen your ends and keep product out of your mouth and your cigarette dry.

Clipper Lighter

DHC March Box Smoking Supplies Clipper Lighter

Clippers are known for their quality and reliability. Don’t worry about cracking the lighter like the cheap gas station ones. Lasting for 3000 lights, these refillable clipper lighters come with a removable flint for all your sparking needs.

Herbsaver Grinder

DHC March Box Smoking Supplies Herbsaver

Unlike the ordinary, HerbSaver™ engineered a grinder that not only shreds your legal herbs or tobacco, but fluffs it up! Herb Saver grinders feature a large storage compartment and a friction fit removable screen for easy cleaning. HerbSaver™ grinders make it possible to grind with ease - no muss, no fuss!

Kush Hemp Wraps

DHC March Box Smoking Supplies Hemp Wraps

Keep your roll fresh with this tobacco-, nicotine-, and glue-free hemp wrap. These unique wraps are a great way to ensure you’re only smoking what you want with an organic, slow-burning vessel.

RAW Emperador Cone

DHC March Box Smoking Supplies RAW Emperador Cone

Impress your friends with this gigantic cone. Pack it all yourself, or ask your friends to throw down. There's no wrong way to party with this one!

Integra Boost 2Way Humidity Regulator

DHC March Box Smoking Supplies Integra Humidifier

This humidity control pack adapts and responds to the environment to extend the life of your smoking substances. Simply place the pack in a sealed container with your tobacco or legal herbs, and let it go to work. Keeping your container at a perfect 62% humidity, this 8 gram regulator is a true stash-saver.

Buddies Tube

DHC March Box Smoking Supplies Buddies Tube

Just like  Dr. Greenthumb's “sizzlean screen” saved him, buddies tubes can save you, too! Place your pre-rolls inside for an airtight seal and you’re ready to go.

Stink Sack “Loud Pack”

DHC March Box Smoking Supplies Loud Pack Sack


Just like B-Real, we wanted to provide you with some of the greatest hits, but these bags don’t carry any tunes. These cassette tape shaped bags hold up to 3.5 grams of your finest herbs, just don’t try to stick it in the boombox!
This box won't be around for long, get the DHC March Box of smoking supplies now!

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