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Unboxing Daily High Club's June Smoking Supplies!


DHC x Silenced Hippie

DHC Silenced Hippie June Box Smoking Supplies
Words cannot express how excited we are about the DHC June Box of smoking supplies, featuring a collab with the one and only Silenced Hippie! A true shining star in our community, Sasha has helped us curate an awesome box to keep your summer spirits high.

Silenced Hippie Peace Pipe

A classic dry pipe with a massive chamber, this p(ea)ce is sure to be a new fave. The frosted glass is sandblasted to show off both DHC’s and Silenced Hippie’s logo on one side, and a classic peace sign design on the other. Peace Pipes come in red, white or blue, with colors being randomly selected for each box.

Pipe Carrying Pouch

DHC Silenced Hippie June Box Smoking Supplies
A perfect spot for your peace pipe; this incredibly soft bag is a discreet way to tote around your smoking supplies in style.

Raw Original 1 ¼ Wide Papers

DHC Silenced Hippie June Box Smoking Supplies RAW Papers
A big time player in the industry, these classic papers are a solid choice for smokers both old and new.

Full Size Clipper Hippie Edition

DHC Silenced Hippie June Box Smoking Supplies Clipper Lighter
These far out lighters are a nod to the Silenced Hippie herself. A true hippie is environmentally friendly and so are these lighters; you can refill them through the port on the bottom to keep the good times going.

DHC Lighter Leash

Keep your friends close and your lighters closer. Lighter thieves are everywhere, so we’re doing our part to combat inter-sesh crime.

Hemparillo Blueberry Hemp Wraps

DHC Silenced Hippie June Box Smoking Supplies Hemp Wraps
These mouthwatering, wraps are not only bursting with flavor, but they are also all-natural and tobacco free! The extra large size of each hemp wrap also makes them easy to roll and go.

DHC x Silenced Hippie Air Freshener

Get in the mood for breezy barbecues with this watermelon-scented freshener. Hang it up and get to smoking!

Bluntmax Incense

DHC Silenced Hippie June Box Smoking Supplies Bluntmax Incense
Take the edge off with this relaxing sandalwood scented stick. Place it in the wooden holder and light up for the ideal mood-setting addition to any smoke circle.

Wooden Incense Slide

DHC Silenced Hippie June Box Smoking Supplies Incense Slide
Before lighting, insert your incense stick through the hole in this wooden boat so that it’s suspended slightly above the base of the slide. Its natural ash-catching ability makes cleanup a breeze, so spark up and enjoy!
Order a Daily High Club subscription box any time during the month of June to get the DHC x Silenced Hippie June Box of smoking supplies!

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  • Best father’s day gift .

    Jonathan Morales on

  • I love the monthly boxes. My fiance used to get them every month. We lost him on memorial day. I will continue my monthly boxes in his honor as he loved these boxes and their content. Thank you to all the joy that you gave him.

    Jeni Ann on

  • Heeey!!! I love this sub sooo f×××××× much!!! Can we do birthday boxes with the month theme and our names on then!!!

    Asia Schrimscher on

  • I love this box, I have been getting it for the oast year now… I have an amazing collection, accept one piece missing my tank mysteriously broke while at work one day. But i still have thw best collection from these guys. Tha,k you for what y’all do its like a,bday present every month.

    Caleb Goff on

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