Unboxing Daily High Club's July Smoking Supplies!


Donut bong smoking subscription box
Fresh donut bongs for this month's DHC July Munchies Box! Explore all the treats and goodies sure to satiate all your cravings while adding something special to your growing stash of smoking supplies.

Donut Rig

DHC Smoking Supplies Subscription Box Donut Rig
Satisfy that sweet tooth with a tasty treat! This deliciously delightful donut rig comes with a 14mm female joint and a four hole puck perc. Can’t forget the toppings! Sprinkled on top of this cute little bong is a too-good-to-eat donut mouthpiece.

Juicy Jay Watermelon Flavored Papers

DHC Smoking Supplies Subscription Box Juicy Jay Watermelon Papers
Perfect for combating the midsummer heat, these papers are bursting with flavor thanks to Juicy’s “triple-dip tech.” 1 ¼” wide papers are a classic in the roll-your-own world; thanks to their size they can hold more herbs and are easier to twist!

Hemparillo Sweets

DHC Smoking Supplies Subscription Box Hemparillo Sweets
All natural and made from pure Canadian hemp, these extra long wraps are sure to keep you occupied on those long summer days. PRO TIP: Sometimes these wraps have a little trouble keeping closed. If you find yourself having similar problems, try wetting your finger with some water - that usually does the trick for us!

The Lollipipe 100% Edible Candy Pipe

DHC Smoking Supplies Subscription Box Lollipipe
Savor the flavor of every hit - and nom out after! With this completely safe and easy to use candy pipe, every pull is a treat. Insert the plastic straw in the mouthpiece to prevent resin from building up inside.

MK Grip Mini Lighter

DHC Smoking Supplies Subscription Box MK Grip Mini Lighter
It’s hard to cook without heat, so let's get this fire started! Roast a roll or two while you’re chillin’ out by the grill. Afterall, no barbecue is complete without some smoke.

Buddies Tube

DHC Smoking Supplies Subscription Box Buddies Tube
This airtight, durable tube provides optimal protection for anything from pre-rolls to pretzel sticks.

RAW King Size Pre-Rolled Cones

DHC Smoking Supplies Subscription Box RAW King Size Cones
Summer days are sticky enough, you shouldn’t have to worry about gumming up the works with less than adequate rolls. These extra large, pre-rolled, all-natural papers are stress-free smoking supplies and are always printed with a criss-cross watermark to ensure an even, slow burn.
Order a Daily High Club subscription box any time during the month of July to get the DHC July Munchies Box of smoking supplies!


  • lee ann

    I can’t wait

  • Zeema

    I love all of my Boxes! Thanks D.H.C.🤩

  • James

    Love this stuff first time I have seen this I need to get busy an get me some

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