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Top Bongs for Summer 2019

Top 7 Bongs for Summer 2019

It's time to get ready for summer by stocking up on some seasonal smoking supplies! Check out this list of our favorite warm-weather glass and stock up before the season begins.

Daily High Club Cereal Bowl Bong / Dab Rig

Top Bongs for Summer 19 Cereal Bowl Bong

Perfect for a bowl of cereal, fresh fruit or ice cream on a hot day! This bowl utilizes both definitions of the word! A nice deep chamber for your snacking pleasure, as well as a removable mouthpiece and glass on glass female joint for easy cleaning. The glass joints are actually on the same side so you can tilt the bowl to drink your cereal milk without spilling nasty water!


Southern Dabber x Daily High Club "Combo King" Dab Rig + Bong

Combo glass fit for the combo king himself! Complete with two separate chambers to keep your different rips totally tasty. A massive matrix perc in the huge bottom chamber works is perfect for your favorite legal smoking herbs, while the small upper chamber with a slitted downstem is made with dabbing and concentrates in mind. The separate chambers mean you can do it all with just one glass piece!


Chanel West Coast Pacific Purple Straight Tube Bong

Top Bongs for Summer 19 Chanel West Coast Bong

One of our favorite pieces in the DHC store is back! Released in honor of the Chanel's newest song "Sharon Stoned" this massive straight tube has a classy print reverse-sandblasted into the beautiful purple glass. A slitted diffused removable downstem makes cleaning this bong a breeze.


Daily High Club x Supreme Patty Shrimp Bong

Top Bongs For Summer 2019 Supreme Patty Shrimp

Smoke in Supreme Patty style, just don't squeeze citrus in your eyes! The two-hole perc at the end of the fixed downstem is tucked away to keep any water from splashing up into your mouth. Nothing says summer like some shrimp and some smoke!


The Weapon of Grass Destruction

Top Bongs for Summer 2019 Weapon of Grass Destruction

Ah yes, the beloved Weapon of Grass Destruction. A beautiful hammer water pipe with an intricate diamond perc and adorned with a summer-ready palm tree, this thing will be the star of any smoke sesh. But be warned -- this thing rips!


Daily High Club Road Rasta Bong

Top Bongs for Summer 19 DHC Road Rasta Bong

A favorite amongst the Daily High Club fans, the Road Rasta Bong is a perfect piece for any summer smoke sesh. This pint sized pocket pipe is about 5 inches tall with a fixed rubber grommeted joint and a carb hole in the back. Easily cleaned and made to move this little bong is surely a ripper!


DHC Skull Rig

Top Bongs for Summer 19 DHC Skull Rig

Have the most bad-ass summer with the famous DHC Skull Rig! Back by popular demand and upgraded with a reinforced, mini-matrix perc, this little devil delivers crazy diffusion and the smoothest rips. We’ve even added new fully colored options too, available in purple and green! Grab yours now for the season’s sickest parties. 


DHC Blog June Grenade Box CTA

If you’re not quite ready for summer supplies, check out the DHC Grenade Box - available now!

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