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Top Bongs for Summer 2019

Top 7 Bongs for Summer 2019

It's time to get ready for summer by stocking up on some seasonal smoking supplies! Check out this list of our favorite warm-weather glass and stock up before the season begins.

Daily High Club Pig Pipe

Top Bongs for Summer 19 Pig Pipe

Get ready for all of those summer barbecues with this fun pig pipe! Okay, so this first one isn't a bong - but it is super cute! This pipe comes in piggy pink or classic clear, making this plump pig a perfect addition to any farm, zoo, or smoke session.


Bubble Bottom Bong

Top Bongs for Summer 19 Bubble Bottom Bong

Bubble bottom, bubble bubble bubble bottom. This crazy thick tube is the best bong for any smoker, and a sumptuous smoking supply for the season. This bad boy has a classic old school design with a new and improved twist: a glass on glass joint, diffused downstem and ice catcher, perfect for cooling down those steamy summer nights.


DHC Double Tree Perc Beaker Bong

Top Bongs for Summer 19 Double Tree Perc Beaker Bong

One of the largest bongs we’ve ever carried, the Double Tree Perc Beaker Bong is designed for super smooth rips to keep your throat and lungs cool as the season heats up. A removable 18/14 slitted downstem pushes bubbles up into the two tree percs, while an ice pinch creates optimal cooling. Compatible with thousands of 14mm add-ons, this bong will keep your summer exciting well into fall.


Christmas Tree Banger Hanger

Top Bongs for Summer 19 Christmas Tree Banger Hanger

It’s Christmas in July with the DHC Christmas Tree Banger Hanger! Just because it’s not December, doesn’t mean you can’t experience the season of merriment all year long. Stay frosty this summer with this versatile, holiday-themed glass, ideal for a bong or a dab rig.


The Weapon of Grass Destruction

Top Bongs for Summer 2019 Weapon of Grass Destruction

Ah yes, the beloved Weapon of Grass Destruction. A beautiful hammer water pipe with an intricate diamond perc and adorned with a summer-ready palm tree, this thing will be the star of any smoke sesh. But be warned -- this thing rips!


Daily High Club Rocket Dab Rig

Top Bongs for Summer 19 DHC Rocket Rig

3...2...1...BLAST OFF with DHC on this epic rocket rig! Stay lifted all season-long with this rig that features a 14mm joint and a reinforced downstem featuring multiple slits for insane diffusion. A prime piece for use with a bowl or a banger if you really want to shoot for the moon!


DHC Skull Rig

Top Bongs for Summer 19 DHC Skull Rig

Have the most bad-ass summer with the famous DHC Skull Rig! Back by popular demand and upgraded with a reinforced, mini-matrix perc, this little devil delivers crazy diffusion and the smoothest rips. We’ve even added new fully colored options too! Grab yours now for the season’s sickest parties. 


DHC Blog April 4:20 Box CTA

If you’re not quite ready for summer supplies, check out the DHC 4:20 Box - available now!

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