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‘Tis the Season for DHC Holiday Pipes

‘Tis the Season for DHC Holiday Pipes

DHC is ringing in the holidays with our favorite seasonal supplies. From the whole El Primo box with the exclusive Tommy Chong Train Bong to brand new rigs and some old classics, this list will make your smokiest holiday wishes come true and keep your festivities merry and bright AF.

Candy Cane Sherlock

Tis the Season for DHC Holiday Pipes

A featured and limited-edition item for the holidays, light up the season with this little number. This pipe is as sweet as candy but it packs a powerful punch! If you find your holiday party lacking a little something, use the Candy Cane Sherlock pipe to get it lit right back up.

December El Primo Box

Tis the Season for DHC Holiday Pipes Chong December El Primo Box

Roll into the holidays with the December El Primo Subscription Box. Stuffed to the brim with fun smoking supplies, our latest Tommy Chong collab box celebrates the season and gives you everything you need to stay all warm and cozy during the cold winter months. The December box includes:

Tommy Chong Train Bong
HerbSaver Mini Grinder
Chong’s Choice Foldable Rolling Tray
Zen EFFEN 1 1/4 papers
ROOR Clipper Lighter
RAW Cone
Buddies Tube
Tommy Chong Air Freshener
XXL OGK Hemp Wrap
DHC Holiday Sticker Set


Frosted Snowman Bong

Tis the Season for DHC Holiday Pipes Frosted Snowman Rig

Snuggle up to one of our favorite little friends, the Frosted Snowman Bong! At 7in tall and featuring a 1-hole downstem, this is the perfect pipe to gift for White Elephant or to stuff in a stocking for the significant smoker in your life. But he’s so adorable, you might want to keep him for yourself - and we don’t blame you!
$39.99 (Reg. $70.00)

Chillcycler Dab Bong/Dab Rig

Tis the Season for DHC Holiday Pipes Chillcycler

Stay chill ‘til Spring with the DHC x Chillbud collab bong! The slitted downstem and single uptake/single drain recycler design will literally take your breath away. This 5” wonder has people raving, “This bong is awesome!!! It smokes smooth and the hits are phenomenal...five stars!!!”

Fumed Implosion Banger Hanger

Tis the Season for DHC Holiday Pipes Fumed Implosion Banger Hanger

Hark the herald, smokers sing! This heady banger enlists one of the hottest new styles of glass dab rigs. Not only does each one feature a beautifully trippy design that’s sure to improve any seasonal blues, but this dab rig also has a 90-degree female joint combined with a curved body so you don’t burn your face during use. What more could you want?!
Available in three different glass patterns.

Christmas Tree Donut Dab Rig

Tis the Season for DHC Holiday Pipes Christmas Tree Donut Dab Rig

This rig is of Seuss-ian proportions! A green donut perc and eccentric accents are added to a funky red swirl design on the base to bring you an epic piece for your holiday celebrations. Get the Christmas Tree Donut Dab Rig now while it’s available for a massive markdown. You know you’re going to need it before the fam gets in town!
$84.99 (Reg. $199.99)

Top Smoking Gift Sets RAW Stocking

If you’re looking for bigger presents to put under the tree this year, check out our Top Smoking Gift Sets!

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