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The Zodiac Series: Libra Edition

September 23 - October 22
Libra season is approaching fast and it’s time to start thinking about what to gift all the royal Libra’s as their time of year gets closer.
PSA check on your libra friends, they may be acting like they’re okay but deep down they’re hurting for a new piece. Because Libra’s tend to put others first, this month hasn’t exactly been easy for them, especially as the year is getting progressively more difficult for some. 
Check in on them or surprise them with a premium glass piece to let them know they’re worthy of being taken care of. Whether it’s a partner, friend, or yourself we all need to be spoiled from time to time.
circ-tree bong
Know someone with an upcoming birthday whose not super flashy and likes more of a classic vibe? This just might be the piece for them. 
At 18 inches tall, this piece might have a hefty height, but it’s simplistic design makes it perfect for hosting a sesh. The piece includes a tree perc to provide the best circulation and smoothest delivery, all while keeping the look humble while still producing a powerful hit.
high rise bong
Libra’s are really good at hiding their true feelings and desires for the sake of protecting others and sometimes have a hard time expressing what they really want. But all they really want is to be spoiled and taken care of from time to time, even if it's just on their birthday. 
This is the perfect glass for those who might not directly express their desire for niceness, but would appreciate it nonetheless. This piece includes a detachable neck piece so that it could be easily frozen for the coolest rips and includes a tube that allows for longer burns at a time.
chaos fumed beaker bong
The large chamber allows for a good amount of water storage at the bottom of the beaker, making it perfect for water signs like Libras.
The big pull makes for big, smooth rips and is perfect for adding ice cubes directly into the bong water to chill out at every sesh. Standing at 14 inches,  this piece is perfect for experienced smokers, but the classic and efficient does give it the duality of making it easy for beginners as well.
18mm disc bubbler
The accent on this glass makes it the perfect piece for someone who appreciates a stylish unique piece that works great.
It doesn’t have the mainstream design to it, but it will exceed the same needs and have a high quality performance because of the built in downstem and four slit percolator. The heighthy neck will ensure there is no splashback and make for the smoothest pulls.
electric jellyfish jam straight/bent dab rig
Stay jamming with this exotic piece that is available in two different colors and share it with your favorite people, whether they like oils or dry herbs this glass can be easily converted into either kind of set up.
Libras love being able to serve others, even when it comes to things as simple as having a dope piece to share with them! This piece provides the smoothest rips because of the six arm jellyfish percolator that creates bubbles and improves air flow.
pink python matrix perc tube
This tinted glass is perfect for those who like something that’s cute, compact, but still cut out for bigger sized bowls.
This funky shaped piece hits incredibly smooth because of its lengthy neck which allows for longer, milkier rips while maintaining a quick pull for sizable delivery. It’s pink tint makes it cute but not too attention calling.
two tone straight shooter
Libra’s aren’t particularly quick to be loyal, but once someone or something they love is introduced to them, they are easily attached. A piece like this could be that exact piece for some who doesn’t need anything extreme, rather quality.
This basic design is a classic favorite because it performs so efficiently and the thick glass makes for the perfect trusty steed. It’s 10 inch height makes it perfect for both experienced and newer subscribers.
ultimate rolling kit
Libra’s generally tend to be pretty open minded people, which is why considering a gift like this will be the perfect gift for the indecisive.
This box is a new favorite because of the diversity it includes. This ultimate rolling kit has everything from papers, rolling devices, to discreet storage tubes, and even smoke rings.
Introduce your favorite person to a whole new realm of fun with this ulti-kit!
daily high club skull bong
As spooky season gets closer this is the perfect upgrade and house decor as everyone’s favorite holiday grows closer. Throw some food dye in it to get creative or simply get your hands on the whole collection.
The piece hits so smooth that having a few on your shelves wouldn’t hurt. Especially if it’s the piece that you are sure you’ll love. The function on this clean hitting glass is truly unique.
bong cleaning kit
Since Libra’s tend to be very loyal to things they love, this piece is literally going to be their daily glass so make sure you stock them up on glass cleaner.
This kit includes the complete set up wipes, caps, cleaning tubes, and solution to ensure clean habits as they wear out their new favorite piece.
As every passing moment goes by, we make it our top priority to provide and introduce the best premium glass and smoking supplies for all smokers out there. Keep your eyes out for monthly pieces to go with the Zodiac signs and we’ll keep you updated year round!
Thanks for reading!
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  • I really enjoy reading the description of each piece as well as understanding a Libra. I placed an order today. Thanks!!!

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