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The Zodiac Series: Cancer Edition

June 21-July 22
As Cancer season comes down to its final days we wanted to kick off a zodiac series with some glass and accessories dedicated to those who celebrate their trips around the sun this time around!
Although it might be a weird time to get together and really celebrate, show a cancer some love with some of this adorable glass.
Cancers are water signs so we put together some adorable glass collectibles with style, customization options, flare, and durability.
the swirly dirly bong
Cool off this summer with this daily driver of a piece of glass, not only is it stylish but also has a perfect function for both the new and experienced smoker. This glass addition is an ideal upgrade if looking for a new piece to commit to daily.
electric jellyfish jam dab rig
This electric piece radiates with that beautiful, but vulnerable cancer energy. The soft color makes it easy to the eye but still special and eccentric because of its unique glow. Checkout the full Jellyfish Collection in our latest glass collector’s blog for more percolators and pieces that are similar to this style.
circ-tree bong
This 18 inch piece of glass is perfect for the solo smoker; cancers love to spend time being creative and getting artsy. This often means spending a good amount of time working alone and for the toker, lots of time toking. Don’t settle for a standard beaker or straight shooter when there are quality designs like this hefty hitter; simple but high performing. 
raw hydrostone
Cancers are known for being intuitive, which means they're always a little bit ahead of the game because they are so unique and grounded. Stay one step ahead of the trends with one of these hydrostones which keeps herbal products from drying out over time. Use it to preserve all your favorite mixes and concoctions at home or on the go. 
big momma glass horned mini beaker bong
$89.99 ($119.99)
This beautifully accented piece brings the best vibes to the sesh with a beautifully designed handle and soft hints of teal and blue. This monstrous piece is a creative twist on the standard heel style beaker and available in four different colors. Take this piece by the horns and get the most out of a single piece with the slitted showerhead perc which makes each delivery nice, smooth, and to the point.
geo perc straight shooter milk green
Since Cancer’s love to be independent and get creative at every opportunity, a piece like this __ inch hitter is exactly what your collection needs. Add a custom flare to this glass by decorating it with some of your favorite stickers. If you’re a member with DHC monthly, there’s definitely plenty of those to dress it up with! Or check out or collection online. This straight tube is hefty, but to the point, which makes for a great daily driver who those who like to spend time with their glass and get creative after a couple of puffs. 
lighterpick waterproof dugout
As much as cancers appreciate their solo time — they also love a good adventure that involves building and elevating relationships. Cancers are widely known for their loyalty, which means being their for a loved one when they need one. Weather it’s a shoulder to lean on, a lighter to spark up with, or a secret stash for the journey there, this waterproof lighter case will never let you, or your circle down! 
18mm disc bubbler
This advanced bubbler styler is the perfect statement glass, although it looks simple the showerhead perc actually makes for a top quality performance. This perc allows for the air and water to be mixed and distributed like it would in a high function bong. This game changing glass will definitely leave people questioning why bubblers aren’t as popular anymore! 
icicle bong
One of the most beautifully fumed pieces at DHC makes for the perfect addition to any water signs glass collection. With even just a small amount of water, just enough to cover the slitted percolator at the bottom center this piece will illuminate some of the most elegant rips.
silicone slinky bong
Because we all love a cancer who is loyal to the circle, be that friend who is always on deck with this indestructible piece. You won’t need to stay loyal to this piece, rather this piece will stay loyal to you!
Order one for yourself or the first person who came to mind while reading this blog and surprise your favorite cancer with one of these adorable pieces or accessories.

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