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Tell us your first time! Win THREE MONTHS worth of DHC El Primo Boxes!

The first flick of the lighter is a special time in any smokers life. We want to get up close and personal and hear from you, was your first puff from a pipe? Did you start strong with a bong? Maybe it was a rip from something that shouldn’t be smoked? No matter what it was we want to hear about it. And you can win! Just for telling us your story in the comments down below, you get a shot to win three months of the Daily High Club El Primo Smoking Subscription Boxes for FREE!

You heard that right, THREE MONTHS OF DHC FOR FREE! This crazy easy contest is designed for even the laziest of smokers, you don’t even have to leave this webpage!

Official Rules:

  1. Tell us your story in the comments down below
  2. Double check your email address in the proper field - if you win you will be contacted via email
  3. That’s it!

We wanted to inspire you, so here are some stories from the DHC Team:


My first time was late at night back in high school, My friend and I went to 7-11 earlier in the day so we would have all the snacks ready. After a night of video games we snuck out of his back door and out into the woods to meet up with some other friends of ours. After finding our squad and fixing a pipe out of a water bottle and some tinfoil it was time to spark up. We smoked some and then played on a playground for what felt like forever but was actually probably closer to thirty minutes. Afterwards, we went back and snacked (Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my first munchies love) gamed (mostly Pokemon) and eventually passed out and fell asleep.


My first time smoking wasn’t glamorous. I was with a few friends in the “country” part of Maryland. We were in my mom’s old Dodge Caravan - complete with a VCR Player. OGs out here. I remember my friends were lighting up and I was a nervous wreck - what if we saw blue and red lights, what if one of our parents found out?! I took a few puffs and immediately got paranoid my mom would find out. I spent the whole drive home thinking I’d get pulled over and arrested. I didn’t smoke again until college. 😂   

Now that you know our stories, we want to hear from you guys! What sort of silly stuff did you get into at your first sesh? Let us know down below! Contest closes (March 14th). Winners will be announced on our Instagram Live Stream @dailyhighclub (March 15th) at 1 pm pst and contacted via email following the stream!

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  • First time I smoked I decided it was a good idea to rip it on a rig and take one of the fattest dabs I’ve done in my life.
    I coughed so bad I peed myself. 😆🤣

    Julie Zordani on

  • Oh man to go back that far! Picture it! Hereford TX. Summer 2002. A young farm girl babysitting her baby niece. Lookin for a onesie cause homegirl shitted up her diaper. I go into my brothers bedroom and open a drawer. I smell the faintness of a skunk and wonder why would they keep a stink bomb in their drawers. So I search to find the smell because I wana pop it and throw it in the school to ruin my least favorite teacher’s day! Open a small sock drawer and there it is…. a ziploc bag with some brick in it! I pick it up and smell and oddly I’m very attracted to the smell. So I proceeded to take a small piece and put it into a piece of paper and put it in my pocket. The next day I see my bestfriend at school n tell her what I have at home and she comes over with 2 of her cousins and she makes us a pipe with foil and a pencil and we smoke in my bedroom. I remember opening both of my windows and spraying the entire bottle of air freshener in my house cause my dad would’ve killed me if he walked in and smelled it! So 3 hours have passed and I’m passed out on my bed at 7pm my dad walks in my…. well more so barges! into my room and scared me awake and yells WHY ARE YOU ASLEEP RIGHT NOW! guys I literally shot up like my soul left my body and he laughs so hard! Thankfully I aired and sprayed my house enough that he never suspected a thing! I told him this story as an adult and he laughed so hard n said “you son of a gun! I had no idea!” And I gotta say that is one of my favorite memories to this day! My dad passed away last August so that memory means a lot to me😊

    Dee Dee on

  • So my First Real time was a hell of a one! So I smoked many times before but I didn’t know how to inhale and thought I was defective and unable to get high (like my teenage years could have been so much more enjoyable). So sitting at a friend’s bar one night and they all smoke cigarettes and I was perplexed that they could talk without the smoke coming out of their mouths! So being a little tipsy I finally asked someone how they do that. Their first question before answering was “You smoke weed! What are you talking about, you don’t inhale?” Then I finally told them that everytime I smoked I never got high. So after some laughs they taught me the process using cigarettes since that was all we had. So then sitting at home alone the following day I decided to put my learnings to the test. I knew my parents smoked – I knew where everything was hidden. So I didn’t have any flower of my own so I went into my parents room grabbed a water pipe (had no clue there should be water in it) and packed up some of their stash in this pipe. Took my first and second hit sucessfully (coughed my brains out, throat on fire). Then it hit!! I was home alone except for my 2 dogs and cat. I suddenly decided to make this enormous salad with every topping possible but I felt like I was watching myself from above. Then as I devored this salad I was watching a movie (a movie I’ve probably seen about 30+ times prior to this) and just sat there in disbelief because I couldn’t figure out what the name of it was, what was going on, or what happened in the previous scenes. Then I proceeded to talk very loudly to my dogs yelling “Why is it so quite in here, and why are you all staring at me.” Then I texted my friend and told her “I think I smoked to much!” And she messaged me back and tokd me “relax you’re just high, enjoy it!”

    Heather Smith on

  • My first time smoking was with my older sister. She had been smoking for years. She was 18 I was 12. We didn’t live together so day she came to pick me up from my step moms house. We rode around for a few minutes and she said “there’s a blunt in the console if u wanna light it up” and I wanted to be as cool as my sister so I lit the blunt (remember this is my first time) and I start dying coughing. She said “first time huh” and I was like “ummmm yes lol” and she told me it would kick in in a few seconds. Keep in mind we smoked this in her truck. Once we get back to her place I step out of the truck and my legs instantly go numb and I fall to the ground. Lmao my sister laughed so hard. I got up and dusted myself off and went into the living room where I proceeded to lay on the couch and fall asleep for 19 hours straight 😂😂😂

    Payton on

  • My first time smoking was alot different for me, I’ve always suffered from severe depression and anxiety since I was a little kid. About mid way through middle school my doctors decided to start me on a bunch of different meds to try and help. Nothing seemed to work and alot of time they made things worse. Well my older brother was a stoner an thought it would help me more than what the doctors where prescribing me. I was so nervous to smoke and didnt know how it would be, or if it would help. So one day after school my brother rolled me up a joint and told me to try it. I sat in my room turned on some music so if I started coughing no one would hear me lol, and smoked hanging put my bedroom window. Best thing I could of ever done! Told my doctors about how smoking helped me more than anything they had given me and has been smoking since. It literally changed my life, honestly it saved my life.

    Jessica Takara on

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