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Tell us your first time! Win THREE MONTHS worth of DHC El Primo Boxes!

The first flick of the lighter is a special time in any smokers life. We want to get up close and personal and hear from you, was your first puff from a pipe? Did you start strong with a bong? Maybe it was a rip from something that shouldn’t be smoked? No matter what it was we want to hear about it. And you can win! Just for telling us your story in the comments down below, you get a shot to win three months of the Daily High Club El Primo Smoking Subscription Boxes for FREE!

You heard that right, THREE MONTHS OF DHC FOR FREE! This crazy easy contest is designed for even the laziest of smokers, you don’t even have to leave this webpage!

Official Rules:

  1. Tell us your story in the comments down below
  2. Double check your email address in the proper field - if you win you will be contacted via email
  3. That’s it!

We wanted to inspire you, so here are some stories from the DHC Team:


My first time was late at night back in high school, My friend and I went to 7-11 earlier in the day so we would have all the snacks ready. After a night of video games we snuck out of his back door and out into the woods to meet up with some other friends of ours. After finding our squad and fixing a pipe out of a water bottle and some tinfoil it was time to spark up. We smoked some and then played on a playground for what felt like forever but was actually probably closer to thirty minutes. Afterwards, we went back and snacked (Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my first munchies love) gamed (mostly Pokemon) and eventually passed out and fell asleep.


My first time smoking wasn’t glamorous. I was with a few friends in the “country” part of Maryland. We were in my mom’s old Dodge Caravan - complete with a VCR Player. OGs out here. I remember my friends were lighting up and I was a nervous wreck - what if we saw blue and red lights, what if one of our parents found out?! I took a few puffs and immediately got paranoid my mom would find out. I spent the whole drive home thinking I’d get pulled over and arrested. I didn’t smoke again until college. 😂   

Now that you know our stories, we want to hear from you guys! What sort of silly stuff did you get into at your first sesh? Let us know down below! Contest closes (March 14th). Winners will be announced on our Instagram Live Stream @dailyhighclub (March 15th) at 1 pm pst and contacted via email following the stream!

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  • My first I was @ church believe it or not, 😂 it was a Wednesday youth group and some of my friends asked if we wanted to skip that day. We walked out to a big field with no one around. This cute boy named Austin pulled out a little mini pipe and loaded it up. I was nervous at first i didn’t want to cough too hard and look like a baby 😂! But that was 5 years ago and no I’m coughing like nobody’s business haha

    Tyler Vidaure on

  • I was 17, second semester of my senior year of high school. I had been helping a friend work on his car but we had got done a lot earlier than we thought we would. So we was trying to find something to do for the rest of the day. My friend turned to me and said “Do you want to smoke?” I had talked about wanting to try it a lot so enthusiastically I said, “hell yes!” So we talked about how to get away with and decided to go fishing to explain where we’d been and it wouldn’t be anythig we had to focus on. So we got all of our fishing equipment loaded up and some snacks and drinks for the munchies and headed to the lake. We got there and immediately fired up a joint. We smoked it first, and we barely got wood for our fire or our fishing poles out afterward lol. We sat on the tailgate all night laughing at nothing and eating funyuns. It was still one of the greatest nights of my life!

    Dalton on

  • Fingerscrossed!

    Jordan on

  • My first box was the HALLOWEEN skull box!! Omg I thought I won a contest telling everyone that yes yes I won and later seen duh you dummy it’s your subscription… so I made myself look like a fool lol but getting boxes is so amazing because of all the new things to try and so affordable I love them all, it definitely beats making pop can pipes or anything crazy I was using when I first started smoking. Lmfao

    Jordan on

  • Borrowed a glass pipe from my brother and rode my mini bike over to the neighbor girl’s house, took several tokes and giggled for a while, when it was time to go home I jumped on my mini bike and smashed the pipe I had stuffed under the seat and forgotten about, my brother was not pleased.

    Michael Ayers on

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