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DHC'S MONTHLY MEME ROUNDUP FEBRUARY 2019 It’s time for another round of DHC’s monthly meme roundup! Scroll through some of the quirky memes and themes that made the rounds in February, and keep an eye out for more giggle-inducing trends at the end of March. Maroon 5 May Not Have Been Everybody’s Choice for the Half Time Show, But It Was Certainly Entertaining And Now We Know Who The Designer Was Definitely The Best Comparison Not A Fan Of Pelosi, But Love Us Some Lucille Here Come The Valentine’s Posts In Honor of the DHC February Box YEUP Got ‘Em Yeah...That’s...

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DHC'S MONTHLY MEME ROUNDUP  JANUARY 2019 We're ready for a new year of monthly meme roundups! This month was kinda slow, but we know it's going to rev up as the year goes on. Check out some of the funny memes and themes that caught our eye this January.  Samesies Or Looking Back at 2018 Like... Hello...It's Me... YUP! So True Is This Phrase Dead Yet? (Please) Yaaaaaaaassss You Do You, Girl. Respect.  Join us next month for the February Monthly Meme Roundup! Have a feeling it's going to be good.    

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What Canada's Cannabis Legalization Means for YOU!

What Canada's Cannabis Legalization Means for YOU! Unless you live under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard of all the legal cannabis news buzzing in the Great North. As of October 17th, Canada’s new Cannabis Act has taken effect, making it the 2nd nation in the world to allow legal consumption of recreational marijuana. With so many U.S. voters advocating for decriminalization and legalization of cannabis, and now our neighboring country going all in with its legalization, many of us have stopped asking “if” it’s going to happen and started to question “when?” What Canada’s Legalization Means Canadian Prime Minister...

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DHC's Monthly Meme Roundup - September

DHC'S MONTHLY MEME ROUNDUP SEPTEMBER DHC is wrapping up September with the latest Monthly Meme Roundup, bringing you giggles and eyerolls to get you prepped in the best possible mindset for October. Check out what had us cracking up all month long! Luckily, It’s October 3rd If You Don’t Know What That Means...Why? Damn Dude Finally, Gluten-Free Haircuts! Hmm...Not Buying It Yo, Date Night Ideas FTW Aaaand...BLAST OFF! What Will They Think of Next Do Us All a Favor and Kill.This.Trend. How Wrong We Were Never Gonna Get It Walmart Gettin’ After It! Too Real Jesus Gary! PRO-TIP Baby Got...

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