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Blog — Mother's Day

Official Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Top Glass for Your Mom Ever wonder how moms put up with you through all these years? If it wasn’t thanks to greens and glass, I’m pretty sure that parents everywhere would have lost it by now! Whether it’s mom, auntie, grandma, sister, wife or whoever the person it is you celebrate this day, show them some love them with a starter glass piece or an upgrade, depending on their style! In our online head shop we got glitz, glamour, simplicity, and discrepancy for every stoney mom out there. Ice Block Pipe $19.99 Is your parent...

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How to Talk Bongs with Mom!

How to talk to Mom about your Bong With Mother’s Day coming up and some of us staying at home with the family, it’s hard to avoid conversations with mom about your usage - completely inevitable.  That’s why it’s important to be thinking and prepared for the way to go about these talks ahead of time, and as Mother’s Day gets closer, you can make it a fun experience for both of you. Who knows - maybe she’s interested!  Especially in this age while we’ve been at home, it could be an ideal time to talk with the ‘rents about...

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Top Mother's Day Smoking Supplies

Top Mother's Day Smoking Supplies It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday! Show your mom how much you appreciate her with some of Daily High Club’s most beloved smoking accessories. Become your mom’s favorite with a gift that keeps on giving: one of DHC’s Top Mother’s Day Smoking Supplies! Pattern Straight Tube Make it a Mother’s Day she’ll remember with the gorgeous 15” Pattern Straight Tube. Called a “Crown Jewel” by one reviewer, this sturdy piece comes in a deep green or a frosty translucent version, both complete with a classy sandblasted print and a gold DHC logo around the base. Get this gem...

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