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DHC's Monthly Meme Roundup

DHC's Monthly Meme Roundup August DHC is closing out August with a Monthly Meme Roundup, bringing you giggles and eyerolls to distract you on this glorious Friday. Check out what had us cracking up all month long! In Florida News Not to be outdone, NC stepped up to the plate L O L Work Hacks This is what dreeeeams are made of Cue Gordon Ramsay’s Head Exploding Same Aaaand Blocked Well, she’s not wrong Yikes So. Many. Answers. So, so many answers.  Shame! Shame! Shame! Classic People Already Getting Hyped for Halloween! Be Careful Out There Kids Gonna be a...

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DHC's Weekly Meme Roundup 6/22

DHC's Weekly Meme Roundup 6/22/18 Here’s your Weekly Meme Roundup, catching you up on some of the most popular giggle-inducing memes and themes that were trending this week! The immigration and children issues have only been made worse. It's that time of year again The EU outlawed memes This ghost man thing has been creeping all over Twitter In many different forms A little suspicious Dave I’m no math expert but.... Dangerous out here for a THOT Lots of thoughtful questions out there Whaaaat Not even sure what to tell this guy Can you say, best date ever?! Hard-hitting truths...

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DHC's Weekly Meme Roundup 6/8

DHC's Weekly Meme Roundup 6/8/18 It’s Friday, which means Daily High Club is back at it with the weekly Meme Roundup. Check out what memes were trending the first week of June! Kellyanne Conway accidentally called the President "Commander of Cheese" Which led to much creativity And yes, this is a real book Speaking of cheese We know you love your cat...but please...don’t Secret loooove Try me Justice is served Following up on last week’s “Where you from?” trend My mom still has an iphone 5 A true saint Payback mothahunter Hannibal in the making Summertime Sadness MAE > BAE...

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DHC's Weekly Meme Roundup 6/1

DHC's Weekly Meme Roundup 6/1/18 It’s Friday, which means Daily High Club is back at it with some funny distractions to kick off your weekend. Check out what memes made the rounds this week! Trump and Melania were top news this week for their recent behavior Well, Melania’s lack thereof The West clan continues to be Trump’s fave fam Unfortunately, as serious as Kim was... ...Nobody can take her seriously Some people graduated; some people didn’t Rhyming with animals is a thing And super fun Not a rhyme, but still fun Raise your hand if you can relate We certainly...

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DHC's Weekly Meme Roundup 5/26

DHC's Weekly Meme Roundup 5/25/18 DHC is back with your Weekly Meme Roundup, bringing you giggles and distractions on this wonderful Friday, 5/25. Scroll down to see what memes and themes were trending this week! Yesn’t way! Mentos are to Coke what calm down is to ya girl Private calling mask… Or Bane? You’ve had almond milk, you’ve had cashew milk, but what about… Elon Musk is starting a movement Trying to, at least Don’t totally hate the idea It’s also finals week for many of you Good luck Because If you get this on your exam, it doesn’t mean what...

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