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Official Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Top Glass for Your Mom Ever wonder how moms put up with you through all these years? If it wasn’t thanks to greens and glass, I’m pretty sure that parents everywhere would have lost it by now! Whether it’s mom, auntie, grandma, sister, wife or whoever the person it is you celebrate this day, show them some love them with a starter glass piece or an upgrade, depending on their style! In our online head shop we got glitz, glamour, simplicity, and discrepancy for every stoney mom out there. Ice Block Pipe $19.99 Is your parent...

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Unique Glass to Light Up the Holidays

Unique Glass to Light Up Your Holiday Looking for that special something to snuggle up to during the winter months? This list of epic smoking supplies for the holidays will help you out. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite unique glass pieces to help you warm up this season and make all your smokiest holiday wishes come true. Candy Cane Sherlock A featured and limited-edition item for the holidays, light up the season with this little number. It’s already averaging 5-star reviews since its debut, proving this treat is as sweet as it looks.$24.99 The Bat Pipe If you’re a fan of Nightmare...

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Top 10 Secret Santa Smoking Gifts Under $28

Top 10 Secret Santa Smoking Gifts Under $28 White Elephant. Dirty Santa. Yankee Swap. No matter what you call it, it’s that time of the year again for that cash limit gift exchange that usually merits a gag gift or cheap coasters. Luckily, DHC has a ton of awesome ideas for this annual ceremony. DHC DISCLAIMER: Gifts may not be suitable for corporate parties. Blue Dream Water Pipe $27.99 This classic hammer bubbler is made from thick, high-quality glass that hits smooth. While it may be a few bucks above the typical price limit, reviews of this product prove it’s totally...

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