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Blog — Eggplant Glass


Daily High Club Presents… The February Love Box      Daily High Club Valentine's Day Smoking Pack DAILY HIGH CLUB EGGPLANT DRY PIPE Is that a pipe in your pocket or are you just happy about your box? This emoji-style eggplant piece is expertly blown from purple and green glass with a massive chamber for huge rips. Who needs midnight messages sliding into the DMs or silly Snapchats when you can say it with your sesh? ELEMENTS  1 ¼ WIDE ROLLING PAPERS All natural and chemical-free, rolling with Elements makes for a clean smoke. Made from rice paper with a sugar sealing gum, these papers are 100% safe...

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In Honor of the February Sub Box: Guess That Emoji Combo

In Honor of the February Sub Box: Guess That Emoji Combo!   To celebrate the February “Love” subscription box and the infamous eggplant emoji glass, we’ve put together some funny emoji equations and meanings for you to start peppering into your day-to-day texts. See if you can crack these combos before you see the definition and comment some more bizarre emoji lingo below.   ??? One we've never thought of before, this is an easy way to say you're in between a rock and a hard place. Very inventive, much needed.  ??? When you're feelin' it and need a succinct...

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