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Smoker’s Community Series: September 2020

With the glass collecting community growing so quickly, we want to do a blog that recognizes those who have been loyal to our subscription glass and our company. 

Whether it’s been just weeks or it’s been months since starting a collection, we are just grateful to be a part of so many. A lot of our subscribers have really cool hobbies and creative outlets that they like to share online so we just wanted to give a shout out to some of our loyal shoppers who have even used their photography skills to showcase some of their favorite pieces from us!

daily high club bong


This glass collector posts ultra cool shots of everything from roll ups, plants, the dab rig and creative function videos. She has an eye for little pieces with big functions and colorful but artistic glass that has been collected over the years and it looks like it’s only a growing collection that just gets cooler and cooler with every piece! 


daily high club bong


Puff along to these awesome stoners stories, while she jams out using her favorite DHC pieces that she’s collected over the years. This stoner has made the most of their collection and seems to love the colorful vibrant pieces, along with the color green. We love the vibes here!

daily high club bong


Although it looks like this collector just started a subscription with us, we look forward to lots more display pictures of the DHC boxes that go out every month coming from him! Check out this page for uplifting vibes, plant posts, and function display videos! Cheers!

daily high club bong


This growing youtuber is not only loyal to our subscriptions, but is probably the largest glass collector amongst our public subscribers! Not only does he frequent our subscription, but he also tries out some of our other glass that hasn’t been included in the boxes, like the limited edition "Mission Green" Dank Tank Bong.

daily high club bong


This stoner gives us earthy, stoney vibes with outdoor shots and clean very upfront shots that give us a clear look at some different angles for our glass. Not to mention the informative graphics from time to time. The feed is well balanced, their story is frequented, and aesthetic is on point!


daily high club bong


Check out this dope feed that has featured a lot of our The ChillCycler Bong as of lately. This guy seems to be loyal to the glass he finds and we want to honor our loyal subscribers, check this page out for more function videos!


daily high club bong


This stoner has a nack for quality function when it comes to the industry, not only is the page colorful, but the glass here is some of the highest functioning glass we have at our store. If you like glass content with a solid mix of humor, variety, and transparency, then this is the page to look out for!


daily high club bong


This subscriber has DHC glass videos dating back to 2018 and monthly glass as recent as the August 2020 subscription glass! Not only that, but this instagrammer seems to be very open minded when it comes to trying new things, find your next DHC piece or your next favorite local brand via one of her posts. Not to mention a ton of cute pup photos!


daily high club bong


For an updated collection, check out this account to see what’s up with the last few subscription boxes. This tokers’ posts range anything from locally made art, to different smoking accessories, to function videos.


daily high club bong


This glass collector seems as if she’s tried just about everything as a user! Which is exactly the kind of market DHC wants to cater to, this is why in addition to glass we include so much more fun and diverse accessories that can be used throughout the month. 

Check out this feed for some inspiration on what to try out next or just some of their favorite pieces! This dope shot features the August 2020 glass and some of the accessories from last month's box.

If you were featured in this blog and want to be affiliated with Daily High Club, check out our online application for a chance to become an official affiliate with DHC!

If you weren’t included, but want to be featured in one of our communal blogs like this, make your instagram public and tag us for a chance to be featured the next time around!

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