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September 2020 Unboxing

We know that many of our subscribers don’t use instagram and aren’t able to watch the unboxing that we do every month on the live streams. So we wanted to bring back a series that helps users and subscribers get a better idea of what to expect in each box.
Although some of the basic necessities stay consistent throughout each month, there are always some exclusive accessories that are only available in certain boxes or for regular prices at Daily High Club.
daily high club el primo bong
Start your Session Glass
This month's epic glass is covered in UFO animations to bring back all the childhood nostalgia of growing up in the 90’s. Not only that, but the glass features a circ perc for extra bubbly hits and the large chamber allows for more water, perfect for those who like longer pulls.
The bent neck ensures no splashback and comfortable positioning, and if you’re still not obsessed, check out our function video for this month's glass on DHC’s YouTube.
elements premium rolling tips
Element tips
These tips are perfect for making quick roll ups for on-the-go or just making the process overall easier. Glass lovers know the feeling of needing something more quick, convenient, and portable and these tips make the process so much quicker and overall easier.
chills premium 1 1/4 rolling papers
1 ¼ papers
Perfect for pairs with the tips we include and ensuring that you never run dry or show up empty handed to a sesh with the DHC monthly subscription, we got you covered on those papers, sizable for both conserving or sharing.
herb saver
Three HerbSaver Grinders are everything you never knew you needed! This grinder acts as a three in one, not just for shredding, but it also has a storage compartment just in case you need to bring a little extra than what can be stored in the grinding chamber.
Not only that but we sell these on our website starting at $13.99. Save your money and sign up for an awesome subscription that includes a variety of accessories for one low price of $29.99.
raw doob tube
These take out tubes are perfect for on the go uses; once in a while DHC will throw in an assorted doob tube to either match the theme of the box or to simply add to your collection. This is perfect for keeping those roll ups neat and intact while traveling and makes it easy to bring from place to place.
clipper lighter
Clipper lighter
Receive a new themed design clipper every month with the subscription box, making it easy for the forgetful smoker to never run dry on lighters again. Grow your collection with dope lighters that are custom picked to match each box and stay tuned in for specialty lighters and accessories in our monthly subscription boxes.

joint holder tip
Joint holder / tip
One of this month's custom picked accessories is a silicone joint holder, making it perfect for savoring every bit of cones and burning them down to the very end.
This ring will also come in handy in the age of Covid to make sure your mouth won’t be directly touching the spot that everyone will be putting their fingers on!
hemp wraps
Hemp wraps
With so many trends out there, make sure to take care of your health and body by sticking to amore pure puff! We include hemp wraps that come in different flavors every month. Perfect for thicker and longer smokes and keeping the lungs clean and free from toxins.
daily high club themed stickers
Themed stickers
Perfect for the collectors of the world, whether it’s a glass collection, a plant collection, or whatever it is that’s your niche, DHC sends out some of the dopest collectible stickers that are perfect for hydro flasks, laptops, and skateboards.
daily high club el primo subscription box
Don’t miss out on this awesome box that throws it back to arcade game days when our biggest concerns were if UFO’s and aliens were real or not. Beat your highest score yet with this awesome piece and all of it’s dope accessories.
daily high club el primo subscription box
Share your unboxings, function videos, favorite accessories, or box shots with us using the hashtag Daily High Club to be featured in our blog or instagram feed.
 Check out @desert.hippy’s unboxing for a function shot.
daily high club el primo box september
Check out this dope overview from @cheffrey_effrey_effreyy that gives a solid peak of what else to expect in this month's box!
Let us know what you’d like to see in our upcoming boxes, whether it be a company, product, or collaborator, Daily High Club wants to hear from you! 
We do our best to only include items that we find might be useful, so let us know what accessories that you use most and we’ll do our best to continue carrying it or bring it on board.
Check out our monthly subscription offers!

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