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RAW Look Book 2021

January 22, 2021 Written by Celina Jauregui
RAW is a brand that Daily High Club has proudly collaborated with over the years. Not only have we kept our shelves stocked with everything RAW from just the basics, like rolling papers, but we’ve also carried their accessories, smoke supplies, and brand merch! 
In addition, we’ve included RAW papers in every box as a constant throughout each subscription. DHC and RAW have a long collaboration history, which is why we are excited to have started the year with a box featuring RAW products! To celebrate, we wanted to kick off the year with a guide to all your top RAW products at DHC.
RAW coneverter
One of our most exciting collaborations with RAW is our anodized gold Coneverter! This 10 mm cone holder is a multipurpose custom piece we created with the legendary brand. It's a pendant, holds your rolls and cone-verts your j to any 10 mm female joint so you can smoke any way you please. This is by far one of our sickest items yet from RAW!
To start this guide off we have to honor one of our most consistent and best priced products that have always included RAW over the years. Although the El Primo box has the most value per box, the other two tier boxes are also fantastic deals!
One of them is the RAWsentials that starts at the lowest prices amongst the three subscription options. This has been on our shelves as a more affordable yet dope subscription deal for those who either only need the basics, or prefer to hand roll. The set includes rolling papers, tips, a clipper, and other swag from month to month to keep you stocked up with the best quality products, year round!
raw subscription box
If you’re looking for the ultimate RAW combo pack, what a better time to subscribe to the DHC monthly subscription box then now! Almost everything in this month’s box is RAW themed or products directly from their brand. This complete set includes everything a stoner would need, and the box includes some must-have accessories for both glass geeks and cone heads! 
raw wooden cig holder
$18.99 - $19.99
Here we have another classic duo by RAW that’s available at DHC still, with a beautifully crafted wooden exterior; this accessory is perfect for the crafty, curious, and experienced smoker! As if three cones weren’t enough, we are also stocked up with the five level cone holder that is perfect for the ultimate sesh or when you and your buds can't decide who’s going to be rolling up!
raw catcher
Wait, we’re still living in the future right? Even if the year is already 2021, there are still some awesome smoke gear out there that is yet to be discovered, like this ash catcher that quite literally takes out any effort it would normally take to ash!
Perfect for those seshes that have you glued to the couch, floor, or one single spot. Think or worry no more about needing some place to ash, this RAWcatcher has got you covered.
raw single wide papers
We even carry the basic necessities, whether you’re looking for a pack or set, or you’re just looking for a specific product, DHC carries it all. Get your favorite rolling papers at your favorite online head shop, to make it the ultimate all-in-one destination for smoking supplies.
raw statement sign
We even carry some of the dopest house or room decor, perfect for wherever your favorite sesh spot is! The sesh is only complete once you find a comfortable place to spark up, whether it’s with your favorite set of stoners or perhaps you’re more the type to solo sesh. Either way, it’s important to have a spot your comfortable seshing at. 
raw clothing merch
$29.99 - $49.99
We even carry RAW gear for the cone lovers and dedicated fans out there who support both DHC and the RAW brand! Sweaters, sweatshirts, and T-shirts are all available for your choosing. Take advantage of this spectacular collab this year and get the most out of your shopping experience. 
Stay up to date with the latest drops and launches from Daily High Club and don’t miss out on any special offers or sales from us. From RAW subscription boxes to smoking accessories, we’ve got it all here at DHC!