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People's Choice: 15 Highest Rated DHC Smoking Supplies

People's Choice: 15 Highest Rated

DHC Smoking Supplies

The reviews are in! We value DHC subscribers and love to hear what you have to say about the products offered in each monthly box of smoking supplies, as well as what’s offered online through the DHC Store collections. We went through every product currently available and compiled this list of the highest rated and most reviewed smoking supplies. Take a look at what other DHC members are feelin’ the most and what smoking supplies you should add to your collection!

DHC Swiss Fab Beaker

9” Tall
14mm Female Joint Size
Choose a Tobacco Bowl or Premium Quartz Banger during checkout
A showerhead perc draws water up through swill holes for maximum percolation while a hollow maria prevents splash back.
$59.99 (Reg. $109.99)

5 Star Rating

“This piece has the best inhale draw you could ever ask [for]...One of the best pieces on here thus far”
“Thick glass, easy to clean and smoothest hits.”
“Just received mine today it’s a great rig. I have a collection of 30 [pieces] and this is def a new favorite, would recommend for first time buyers or glass collectors”

LighterPick Waterproof Dugout

DHC People's Choice Lighterpick Dugout
Waterproof compartment keeps tobacco dry
Built-in poker to clean ceramic cigarette bat
Available in green, blue, black, silver, pink or orange
Comes with a cigarette bat and a waterproof BIC mini lighter

5 Star Rating

“Best Dug Out Ever! Great piece for on the go and if you travel often. Highly recommended!”
“Makes it super easy to smoke anywhere you go. Smell proof and super discreet.”

QLOUDUP Nexus Vape Pen

Package includes: pen, disq atomizer, crystal quartz single and dual atomizer, micro USB charging cable, pick tool, user’s manual, silicone bowl container and travel case.
Lifetime Warranty
Available in matte black or gunmetal

5 Star Rating

“Loving the I’ve ever had”
“Excellent experience, I highly recommend the nexus to everyone. [It’s] extremely easy to use and provides days of power with its battery. This is a really high quality vape for its price.”
“The best pen for [legal] concentrates.”

Pattern 15” Straight Tube

DHC People's Choice LV Straight Tube
15” Tall
14mm Female Joint Size
Slitted downstem and ice pinch for smoothest hits
Sandblasted print, available in frosted white or green
$79.99 (Reg. $149.99)

5 Star Rating

“What a beauty. She’s beautiful and she rips hard. I’m so happy I bought her.”
“Hands down the best I own! The ice pinch is awesome, it rips smooth and you can take huge hits. 10/10”
“Got this for my girl for her birthday and she couldn’t be happier! Really solid and classy piece. The gold really pops!”

The Dank Tank

14mm Male Joint
Choose a Tobacco Bowl or Premium Quartz Banger during checkout
3-hole diffuser perc
Designed by DHC and endorsed by Casey Niestat
$39.99 (Reg. $59.99)

5 Star Rating

“Best gift ever! I have gifted over 5 of these tanks to my military buddies. Every single person has said this was the best piece of glass they have ever seen!!!”
“She rips and destroys!”
“It’s a must have!”

DHC Steamroller

DHC Top Reviewed Smoking Supplies DHC Steamroller

Thick glass for stability
Built-in ashcatcher
$12.99 (Reg. $29.99)

5 Star Rating

“The built-in ashcatcher is crazy. It rips and I love this piece. So worth the price. I’d recommend it as a starter piece.”
“This pipe is awesome! I highly recommend this one. You won’t be disappointed.”
“It hits differently than anything I’ve smoked from. Smoother, bigger. Would I recommend it? Absolutely in a heartbeat!”

Grenade Pipe

DHC People's Choice Grenade Pipe
Easy grip grooves and faux pin handle
Oversized chamber for bigger, smoother hits
Add lighter, 3.3’ organic hemp wick and pipe cleaners for only $3 at checkout
$29.99 (Reg. $49.99)

5 Star Rating

“Bought this for a buddy in the military and he couldn’t be happier with this gift.”
“I thought it would be trash because of the oversized chamber. SURPRISE! I pulled the pin on this thing and it lit me up so fast I even know what hit me! Definitely a fantastic piece!”
“This is the best piece I got from [DHC], hands down! Love it!”

Herbsaver Grinder

Water and odor resistant
Medical Grade PP
Friction Fit Pollen Screen for easy cleaning/replacement
Magnetic lid and quick release threads
Pollen scraper
Available in black, blue, clear, green, light blue, purple, red or glow in the dark

5 Star Rating

“This grinder, storer and collector is exactly what I wanted. It lives up to its reputation. Thanks, DHC. This is a winner!”
“Great product! Love it! I have never been a fan of plastic until I saw this product. The grinder is made out of solid materials and it is super thick! Awesome grinder, huge fan!”

March ‘18 Dr. Greenthumb Collab Box

DHC People's Choice Top Reviewed Smoking Supplies B Real Box
DHC was able to collaborate with B-Real of Cypress Hill (among many other things) to make sure your sesh is fresh AND funky. Highlights of this box include the exclusive B-Real Prescription Pill Glass Steamroller, the cassette-esque Stink Sack “Loud Pack,” a humidity regulator, buddies tube and the above Herbsaver Grinder!
$49.99 (Reg. $79.99)

5 Star Rating

One of my fave boxes out of many. Each month I’m impressed but this took the cake. The chill pill pipe/steamer is in part of my pipe rotation daily. Herbsaver is always with me so convenient. And everything else [is] perf.”
“WOAH - As a longtime sub I can say this is the best box dhc has made! A full size grinder and a pipe plus all the other goodies?! There's no way you should pass up on this box.”

Apple Hand Pipe

Collab piece with the Crystal Cult
Discreet pipe that throws it back to the good ol’ days
Beautiful glass

5 Star Rating

“This pipe is a great one to have in your collection, especially for the mouthpiece...It does hold quite a bit for a pipe because of the unique shape and feels like it’s almost a steamroller, which I love.”
“So freaking cute! I had to get one for myself and another one for my friend who’s a teacher!”

Inline to Triple Donut Perc Rig

DHC People's Choice Inline Triple Donut Perc
7 ¾” tall
14mm Male Joint Size
Inline perc and triple donut perc to diffuse and cool smoke
Choose between a bowl or premium quartz banger at checkout (banger option includes bowl, dome and nail)

5 Star Rating

“Danger! This little rig is powerful. Delivers amazingly smooth hits. I love this.”
“I love this piece, it works great and hits smooth.”
“Great little rig. I love how classy it looks and feels.”

Nov '17 Chong's Choice Box

DHC People's Choice Top Reviewed SMoking Supplies Chong's Choice Box

Tommy Chong - the two words that made this the number one box of the year. The November Chong’s Choice Box was curated by the legend himself and includes the unique 7”, twisted Chong Glass Steamroller, as well as Futurola King Size Tommy Chong Papers, Chongs Choice Glass Filter Tip and a special Chong’s Choice Clipper Kasher.
$49.99 (Reg. $79.99)

5 Star Rating

“This box made me fall in love with DHC...The spray is amazing. It'll even cover up cigarette smell with ease. I still have my spray! Use it often...Everything about this package is great. ”
“Um ya wow. Hands down favorite box i have gotten. The steamroller piece is one of my dailies. Loved the chong papers w/ the tips already in the book. Glass filters tips are so nice. Opened me up to a whole new world...Hands down. Favorite. Box. Ever!”

Blue Dream Hammer Bubbler

DHC People's Choice Blue Dream Hammer Bubbler
Thick, high quality glass
Beautiful blue swirl design
Hammer bubbler build ensures smooth rips
$24.99 (Reg. $39.99)

5 Star Rating

“My favorite part about this pipe is when I clean it I can just get it dirty again! It looks so good after you [use it] and the colors get all filled in. Great function."
“The colors really pop once you smoke out of it. Very solid bubbler for being so pretty and artsy.”
“Extremely smooth and very durable.”

DHC Palm Hoodie

DHC People's Choice Top Reviewed SMoking Supplies DHC Palm Hoodie
Premium quality fleece
Durable, double-needle stitching
Underarm gussets
Neck twill tape and drawstring hood with matching jersey lining
Available in S, M, L or XL
$39.99 (Reg. $59.99)

5 Star Rating

“I wear this all the time, it’s my favorite and everyone asks about it!”
“This is the most comfortable hoodie I own. I wear it almost everyday, and get compliments all the time!”

Alpaca Grinder

DHC People's Choice Alpaca Grinder
Patented design to save time and tobacco
Grind & dispense in under 10 seconds
Made in the USA from aircraft aluminum and other premium materials
Stick-proof coating to prevent buildup
Pocket-friendly cap seals in odors
Lifetime Warranty
$49.99 (Reg. $69.99)

5 Star Rating

“Perfect way to go! I love my Alpaca!!!”
“This is awesome because I hate the way my hands smell after handling my [legal] herbs. With my new alpaca I don’t worry about lingering smells or anything.”
“Every grinder should be like this, it’s common sense.”
“Game changer!”

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  • Great Blog!
    very informative, useful and Appropriate.

    jason wall on

  • You guys are awesome, I am an older (close to 50) woman and I enjoy every single box, gotta call my oldest son sometimes to ask what things are and we both get a good laugh throughout the conversation, (he more than I most of the time), but you guys are seriously awesome, made smoking exciting for me again lol. Have a wonderful day and thank you for all you do, it’s way more than just smoking materials, brings closer relationships too!

    Jennifer Lynne Roberts on

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