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Official Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Top Glass for Your Mom

Ever wonder how moms put up with you through all these years?

If it wasn’t thanks to greens and glass, I’m pretty sure that parents everywhere would have lost it by now! Whether it’s mom, auntie, grandma, sister, wife or whoever the person it is you celebrate this day, show them some love them with a starter glass piece or an upgrade, depending on their style!

In our online head shop we got glitz, glamour, simplicity, and discrepancy for every stoney mom out there.

ice cube dry pipe

Ice Block Pipe


Is your parent always on the go? This piece is practical, making it perfect for the traveling smoker. This piece is glamorous but also discreet because of it’s small size that can easily slip into a make-up bag or purse. Grab it and go, then when you’re ready to toke it’s conveniently hand held, almost small enough to cover with a fist! 

cactus bong

Cactus Scorpion Bong


Instead of the traditional house plant for mom get her this adorable cactus glass upgrade this Mother’s Day. Even though it’s large, the three hole perc makes for a smooth delivery and the cactus shape of the mouth piece acts as an inherited splash guard. This 9.5 inch tall pot holder is the perfect addition to any collection, whether it’s to the garden or glass collection, mom will sure love this.

puffco peak

The Puffco Peak

$379.99 - $399.99

Do you have low-tech parents that might need something user friendly? The PuffCo is the perfect gift for mom this year round. This high tech machinery ensures a quality temperature throughout every use which brings out the flavor, potency, and quality every time. Knock mom out of the ballpark with a high-quality gift that she will adore, with its discreet design is the perfect gift for the household glass, maybe dad will think it’s a new vase! 

erick khan rose bong

Erick Khan Rose Beaker Bong


A different take on the typical bouquet of roses for mom; this year it might be exactly what she needs! This glass is the perfect intro piece for a curious mother as its short height makes for an easy delivery and the three-slit perc at the center of the beaker makes for a smooth intake. Or for only $5 more get mom the whole set up with this year's February Box collab with Erick Khan. 

silicone ice cream bong

Silicone Ice Cream Bong


Looking to get her something sweet this year without breaking any dietary guidelines? Then DHC has got the perfect little treat for mom in store now. Not only is this ice cream cone a nice summer glass, but it’s silicone build makes it close to impossible to break. The piece comes apart in two pieces, which also helps for easy portability. Available in three delicious flavors; raspberry, mint, and lemon. All include the cherry on top. 😉

clear bong

Geo Klein Swiss Bong


Take her to the moon this year with this seven inch rocket shaped glass is a o perfect gift for both beginners or experienced. It's intriguing shape actually serves as a set of multiple percs which makes for immensely smooth diffusion. This glass will send her out of this world!

tea steep hammer bubbler

Tea-Steep Hammer Bubbler


Instead of the traditional tea pot for mom, get her this steam-pot shaped bubbler as a new, discreet piece to show her some appreciation. This 4.5 inch tall glass is perfect for seeping into a more relaxing state of mind, the slitted down stem makes for smoother delivery. A perfect pair with some tea to unwind at the end of the day.




The perfect all-in-one for the busy mom that’s always on the go, this traditional pipe upgrade comes with a built in, adjustable lighter. Not only that but this set also comes with a protective case, carrying pouch, back up screens and a cleaning pipe. It’s small size not only makes it portable, but also a discreet little piece to keep on hand throughout those chaotic days or weeks.


Don’t forget the pretty bag, a bow that pops, and a thoughtful card for mom this year. After all, I’m sure she’s done a lot for the family. Whether it’s mom, wifey, sister, or grandma make sure to celebrate all the special women in your life this upcoming Sunday, even if that’s yourself!

Take your pick of beautiful glass from our selection on the product page of our online smoke shop! You won’t be disappointed, and neither will mom.

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