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October 2020 Unboxing

This month we’ve released one of our favorite pieces among the entirety of the Halloween series. This piece is definitely a killer piece of glass that has a dope design, graphic, and function.
We’re excited to unpack this month's box as we grow closer to the holidays and bring all of the fun fall and winter vibes to life this season.
hemp wick
Hemp wick
This accessory is perfect for all the spooky rituals and sessions you might be participating in this month. Hemp wick is not only a healthier alternative to using a butane lighter but it also wraps perfectly around lighters and downstems so that using the wick it is completely effortless.
We always send out the most creatively designed clippers out in each of our subscription boxes, but this month's clipper lighter is themed to match our spooky box.
 Enjoy the colorful designs in the spooktober box to match the season as we climb closer to Halloween and pull up as the most festive to every sesh.
This debowler is sicker than your average because of its duality and portability. The design is meant to easily slide onto the bottom of a clipper making it perfect for traveling with glass!
 Never worry about a clogged bowl piece with this debowler or worry about breaking the bowl piece while ashing it ever again.
hemp wraps
Hemp wraps
These wraps are perfect for the sesh, when friends pull out wraps of their own, protect your body from the toxins with this healthier alternative. Hemp wraps are made from hemp plants making the perfect alternative for blunts and perfect for rolling one for yourself during the age of Covid.
These cones are perfect for those who enjoy a good joint without the hassle of rolling it up, making it easy for those days when you're in a rush to get to the sesh or to just light up right away. 
Ease up the process and stay ready to light up at any moment with this six pack.
raw rolling papers
RAW Rolling Paper
Never show up to the sesh empty handed again, with a DHC subscription, our boxes ensure that you stay stocked up with even the most basic accessories like rolling papers. These king sized papers are perfect for both sharing at a sesh or just starting your day on a higher note.
glass piece
Glass Piece
This month's glass is a real stinger. The scorpion in a bottle is definitely a killer piece for any sesh. 
Fill the bowl with your favorite potion and get witchy this Halloween with DHC’s scorpion piece. This piece not only has a dope design but also has a small mouthpiece to prevent any splash back.
flower bowl piece
Flower Bowl Piece
The box also comes with a size 14mm bowl piece, perfect for the collector since this size is typically the standard size. However for the 710 geeks out there, don’t worry this piece is the perfect size for switching it out for a dope banger!
This month's stickers are the perfect addition for any glass piece or rolling tray, the potion is a fun reminder of this year's spooky glass. The skull is the perfect smoking buddy for those long days in the house.
october 2020 el primo box
October 2020 El Primo Box
This month is one of our most festive yet so don’t miss out on the complete set for the lowest prices. With a subscription, you get the best deals on our boxes, so stay stocked up this fall with one of DHC’s smoking subscription boxes.

Check out the complete collection of some of the latest Halloween glass in our latest blog and let us know which has been your favorite glass design wise or function wise!


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