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New Vapes, Glass and Tools...OH MY!

New Vapes, Glass and Tools...OH MY!

Since the beginning of the new year, we’ve been rolling out products like crazy! Browse this list of the latest additions to the DHC online headshop and keep your eyes peeled for more sick smoking supplies making their debut in the store.  

Multi-Colored Glass Chillum

DHC New Multi Colored Glass Chillum

The perfect pipe for the smoker on the go! An artistic spin on the other DHC chillums we carry, this one is made by hand with trippy colors swirling from tip to tip. Colors may vary...but they’re all dope.


Kasher Titanium

DHC New Kasher Titanium

The sturdiest of pipe tools, the Kasher Titanium is made for intense, tactical operations! Titanium has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metal, meaning this is a strong but ultra-lightweight tool that can withstand very high temperatures and does not break easily. Each Kasher Titanium pick fits snugly over standard Bic lighters for easy use.


Linx Vapors Hermes 2

DHC New Linx Vapors Hermes 2

The Hermes 2 combines sleek design, portability and pure flavor free of plastics and paints for an unparalleled vapor experience. This vaporizer features a medical grade steel shell and mouthpiece with a ceramic heating element. Each kit comes with a refillable atomizer, battery, mouthpiece, USB charger and carrying case. Best used with low viscosity oils.


Dank Dragon

DHC New Dank Dragon

An old favorite thrown back in rotation, this Gandalf-style dragon pipe is sure to blow the minds of all of your fantasy-loving friends. It’s 10” long and fumed heavily with silver so it functions great and looks stylish while it does. The Dragon's mouth acts as a carb hole so you can take massive hits out of this large glass. Get it now to prep for Game of Thrones! (only three months to go!)


Kandypens Rubi Vaporizer

DHC New  Kandypens Rubi Vaporizer

Thin, lightweight, and powerful, the KandyPens RUBI vape offers top-notch vapor quality, stealthiness, and convenience worlds ahead of most other pod-based vapes--and all at an affordable price. Each one is designed and developed in the USA, is leak-proof, and comes with a battery lifetime warranty! Available in six colors.


DHC Tree Perc Dab Rig/Bubbler

DHC New Tree Perc Dab Bubbler

Beautiful green accents and a reinforced 6-arm tree perc combine functionality and design into one awesome 7” rig. Choose between a banger or bowl at checkout.


Linx Vapors Hypnos Zero

Linx Vapors Hypno Zero

This hot little number boasts health conscious, pure flavor thanks to its innovative design. The vapor path in the Linx Hypnos Zero is constructed entirely from medical grade components, and it’s a two-time High Times  "Best Vaporizer" winner. Each vape includes two glass mouthpieces (with one filter section), a Linx tool and carrying case.



Prometheus Titan Pipe

DHC New Prometheus Titan Pipe

The Prometheus Titan is a heavyweight in the glass pipe market. The Titan’s ergonomic and well-balanced design delivers the ultimate glass smoking experience. This hulking pipe lives up to its name, combining clean, smooth and robust rips with the immortal construction of Pyptek’s Prometheus system. Even Zeus himself would concur. Available in five colors and compatible with all three Pyptex concentrate attachments.




Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition

DHC New Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition

It’s long been difficult to find a travel-friendly dab rig - until now! The Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition is a portable, battery-powered, enail vaporizer that employs titanium, quartz and ceramic nails, and a water filtration system, just like a traditional rig setup. Each vape comes in a gorgeous wooden box with a luxe felt interior. Check out the product page for more details!



Dr. Dabber Switch

DHC New  Dr. Dabber Switch

Dr. Dabber does it again with the Switch. This advanced dual-use vaporizer is another way to travel and dab, but at the highest level. Each Switch delivers up to 150 uses per full charge, 25 different heat settings, and a self-cleaning feature! If you want to really treat yo’ self, this is how you do it.


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Come back to the online headshop regularly to stay ahead of the game and be the first to know about hot, new DHC smoking supplies!

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