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May 2021 Jurassic Sesh Unboxing

June 07, 2021 Written by Celina Jauregui

Summer is here so expect some of our themed boxes to be dropping with some exciting accessories, themes, and glass. This year summer kicks off with an adorable piece and you're not going to want to miss out on it.


 14mm female seshasauras glass bong dab rig
14mm Female Seshasauras  Glass Bong/Dab Rig

Get jurasically stoned with one of our new favorite glass pieces that was released in this May’s box. If your shelves are growing dull, rekindle your collection with a fun piece like this that not only looks unique, but is perfect for those who like the interchangeable glass that can be used for both concentrates and herb. Not to mention this piece glows in the dark as well, making it the perfect ambiance for both day and night smoke sessions!

14mm male quartz banger
14mm Male Premium Quartz Banger

May’s box is perfect for the dabbers out there because the glass piece for the month came with a quartz banger so that you can utilize the piece with either a flower bowl from previous month’s boxes or the banger if ever looking for a dab.



odor eliminator spray
No Smell No Tell Odor Eliminator Spray

This odor eliminator is the perfect accessory for after the sesh, making it possible to sesh virtually anywhere without having to worry about a scent or leaving evidence! Because let's be real, no matter how good we are about covering it, it’s hard to not have lingering scents.


clipper lighter
Full Size Clipper Lighter

Get a full size clipper lighter in every month’s box and watch your collection grow. A lot of the time, we drop custom picked lighters to match the theme of the box so you’ll always have something practical and adorable in hand to light up with.


raw hydrostone

RAW Hydrostone

Add this to your collection of things that are the perfect solution for the lazy stoner; a hydrostone keeps your flower fresh while it sits in it’s jar. Never worry again about flower becoming so dry, it’s almost not smokable. This reusable solution is available on our online store as well just in case you missed it or happen to misplace it, but it’s the small items like these that are worth subscribing for that you’re not going to want to miss out on!


resremover glass cleaning solution


Resremover Reusable Glass Cleaning Solution

Can your collection clearly see the love it’s been shown? Are your pieces starting to sit dirty instead of pretty? Well it’s time to set aside a day and give them a deep clean and this is the perfect way to get it all done at once. Because this solution is reusable you might as well use it for not only the toughest stains, but to clean out all the stains at once if your an avid glass collector.


raw black all natural rolling papers


RAW Black All Natural Rolling Papers 1 1/4 Wide

Your monthly re-up on RAW papers is here this month with some classic rolling papers, if you are more into rolling then glass then check out some of our other subscription options that are more budget friendly for a joint smoker!


daily high club sticker set


Daily High Club Sticker Set

At this point, we all have that one spot where we let our sticker collection grow, whether that’s a pocket or envelope of unused & perfect condition stickers, or perhaps our favorite glass or ash tray that perhaps has a little too many stickers put on it. Wherever it is DHC will never disappoint with bringing out some of the dopest stickers to make sure that collection never grows dull.


dhc may unboxing



Don’t miss on boxes like this and other complete sets when you subscribe to our monthly subscription! Summer time is the time to kick your feet up, relax, and light up; so what better way to stay stocked up then to have some of the best smoking supplies shipped directly to your door all summer long.