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Daily High Club is proud to announce we have released our April Celebrate at home Subscription Pack! We have taken measures in our fulfillment center to ensure the safety of our warehouse staff as well as the cleanliness of our products. We have reduced our in-person workforce, supplied staff with masks and gloves, as well as implemented social distancing standards.

As COVID-19 has spread, we have seen an increase in online shopping, this along with our reduced staff means processing and shipping times have increased. Please allow up to 2 weeks for online store orders to process and up to 3 weeks for subscription box orders to process. USPS is beginning to experience significant delays based on the severity of the Pandemic. Please check with your local postal service for updates on local shipping policies!


Daily High Club is working diligently to produce and ship out any remaining open orders for the February Subscription Box. In light of the recently declared national emergency, as well as concerns over the health and safety of everyone in our community, Daily High Club has paused production for our March subscription box. Once production resumes, we will be moving directly into production for our April box. We are sad to say we will no longer be doing our March box.

All effected customers have received notification along with instructions on how to resolve this. If you believe you should have received this message and have not, please contact and our customer service team will be able to assist. As mentioned above, we are working extremely hard to close out any open orders for the February boxes, as well as producing and processing everything necessary for our April box in order to ensure we can celebrate our community holiday.

If you have any questions about your February or March order, please contact

This is an evolving situation and we promise to keep you as informed as quickly as possible!


Daily High Club is experiencing delays for our February subscription box due to the global events occurring around the COVID-19 outbreak. We have been working diligently behind-the-scenes to notify affected customers. Our current store inventory is up-to-date and shipping! 

We have put messaging on our website on affected products, when you check out as well as when you receive your order confirmation email. Our team has been working around the clock to resolve customer inquiries through this unprecedented scenario. We appreciate you for your continued support and know that we will get through this together as a community! 

The domino effect of this situation has been felt around the world and we take it extremely seriously. For the safety of our community, please wash your hands and limit in-person community gatherings. Massive events such as Hall of Flowers, South by Southwest, and Coachella have been cancelled or postponed and Daily High Club has been effected as well.




As much as we love our community, now is the time to take measures to stay away from large gatherings, be mindful of those around you, wash your hands and don't share. A good sesh is the perfect way to destress but it might be time to go solo-dolo for the time being. If you do partake in a public toke, be mindful and use mouthpieces, bring disinfectant and try not to pass, just puff puff to yourself. 

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  • much love

    larkin warneke on

  • Do what you gotta do guys, just be with your families and also, be safe!!!

    The_Stoned_Buddhist on

  • Thank you for the transparency and updates…. but PLEASE use the same piece from the March subscription box in the April version! Was really looking forward to getting the shake bong it looks sick!!

    Jason on

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