march unboxing

March 2021 Unboxing

March 27, 2021 Written by Celina Jauregui
It’s that time of month again for a Daily High Club monthly unboxing, and this month’s box is . DHC offers three different tiers for subscriptions boxes, so there’s a choice for the advance, the beginner, and everyone in between!
march el primo box
March 2021 El Primo Box
This month's box has all kinds of fun mysteries and accessories! With a standard size flower bowl, a variety of brand collaborations, and an unbelievably dope glass piece, there no going wrong with this months El Primo Box. 
alien holographic glass bong
14mm Female Anodized Alien Holographic Glass Bong
This month's glass is out of this world; never sesh alone again with this friendly martian and pull up to all the meet-ups with the dopest piece. This glass is perfect for both herbs lovers and oil lovers alike because it can be easily turned into a bong or rig since it’s size is perfect for both kinds of smokers! But careful, the friendly alien might have you mesmerized and abducted with its smooth function and glossy colors. 
herb saver
Herb Saver
This super dope grinder is available on our website year round, but is exclusively available in our subscription box this month. Our subscription allows you to try products before you commit to them, and this HerbSaver Grinder is the perfect way to try it out! And if you have a niche for smoking accessories, check out the larger versions of the grinder online as well. 
 royal hemp naked papers
Naked Papers by Royal Hemp
Always on the hunt for the next best product or brand? Well our subscription boxes are the perfect way to stay up to date with all the latest trends, accessories, and brands. With multiple collabs within each box, never miss a beat or brand again when you're subscribed to the monthly boxes. These naked papers are a fun way to switch it up when it comes to your joints!
assorted clipper lighter
Assorted Clipper Lighter
If you’re a heavy smoker and always find yourself running out of lighters then this is the perfect delivery service for you. Every month the DHC boxes include an assorted clipper lighter so that you can stash one in all your favorite sesh spots! 
assorted hemp wrap
Assorted Hemp Wrap
With all this blunt craze and trends going around right now, if you’re looking for a healthier alternative then look no further. The perfect blunt alternative is here with these hemp based wraps, the perfect slow burn for smoking your favorite strain. The great part about these is they really do bring out the flavor in all your favorite smokes and they can be great for smoking with friends if you both are trying to have a nice, quality sesh.
airtight tube
Buddies Airtight Tube
The perfect storage unit for a rewarding session after a long day. Always keep one rolled up and ready to go while staying nice and yeah with these tubes!
elements cone papers
2x 1 ¼ wide Elements Cones
Rolling is great for the end of the day but if the process of rolling up is too time consuming for your morning wake and bake, then what better way to stay lifted than with a quick cone? These make your rolling experience quick, easy, and precise for those quick light ups to start of your day.
daily high club sticker set
Daily High Club Sticker Set
Our subscription boxes are perfect for collectors of all kinds, whether it’s glass, stickers, or lighters, our monthly boxes are consistent with all three every month so that you have the dopest gear at the sesh.
Check out some of the other monthly subscriptions we offer and let us know which one your subscribed to in the comments and why!