june unboxing

June 2021 Tree of Life Unboxing

June 09, 2021 Written by Celina Jauregui

Get the summer going on a chill note this year around by taking a toke at the Tree of Life box. This box definitely comes with some great two-for-ones that are worth checking out. If there is a time to subscribe, now is it. This month’s beautifully illustrated glass is going to be perfect for bbq’s, picnics, and reigniting some good conversation after being locked in for so long! Get the conversation and summer started with some dope accessories at your one stop online shop.

14mm straight tube glass bong

14mm Female Tree of Life Straight Tube Glass Bong/Dab Rig

Although this classic design has found its spot in most glass lovers' collections somewhere along the line, this is a unique release for the DHC monthly subscription. The unique design on this glass gives off summer time vibes and is perfect for relaxing in down time this summer 

14mm male quartz banger


14mm Male Premium Quartz Banger

This month’s subscription is another one you’re not going to want to miss if you’d like to consider yourself a well-balanced cannasseur. This month's box comes with a banger that can be easily switched out for a flower bowl so that you are getting the best of both worlds with this subscription!


 million bananas natural cured leaf


Million Bananas Natural Cured Leaf of Banana Wraps

Wanna smoke something unique and exotic, but not something that’s super harsh on the lungs? Well look no further because this month's box includes a giant rolling leaf, perfect for blunt lovers whether looking for something new or just an alternative there is no going wrong with these banana wraps.


full size clipper lighter


Full Size Clipper Lighter

Get a clipper lighter with every subscription box and never leave the house for a smoke shop trip again, DHC makes it easy to get the basics delivered right to your door.


raw pocket ashtray

RAW Pocket Ashtray

This is perfect for those who are always smoking on-the-go or perhaps for those who like to light up no matter what time or where it is. This little pocket sized to-go ashtray is the perfect must have for your portable smoking bag. It reseals so you don’t have to worry about it leaking on anything while it’s in storage.


raw natural rolling tips

RAW Natural Rolling Tips

This little pack of tips actually holds a lot more than it looks like, if you’re more of a glass lover and a total perfectionist when it comes to rolling, then this is the perfect medium. Roll your own cones by creating the perfect tip which makes it easy to create that perfect, plump effect to each and every joint. Afterall, most experienced rollers will confirm that the crutch is the key to a perfect joint!


juicy jay rolling papers

Juicy Jay's Assorted Flavored Rolling Papers 1 1/4 Wide

Add some flavor to each note as summer 2021 starts off with some heat, like these papers that add a little bit of a twist to each strain. Perfect for the flavor chasers of the world who may like a heavy and gassy strain but want to add some nice flavor to it.


airtight preroll travel tube

Airtight Pre-Roll Travel Tube

Take this tube virtually anywhere to avoid crushing a joint in the depths of jean pockets ever again. Pre-rolls are great for hikes, gatherings, and hotboxes but the most disappointing feeling is to realize it's been squashed or destroyed upon arrival. Avoid that disappointment with this little storage device that can be reused for several times.


elements pre rolled cones


2x Elements Pre-Rolled Cones

These cones are perfect for those lazy Sunday’s where maybe it’s too much to even get out of bed and roll up, these cones are perfect for a quick rolling session to get the day quick and on a high note.


daily high club sticker set

Daily High Club Sticker Set

Make sure to stay up-to-date with all of our summer boxes because some of our limited releases are only available exclusively in our subscription boxes. While some of our stickers may return, many of them are limited to just the monthly drop so make sure to choose your subscriptions wisely!

el primo box

El Primo Box


The monthly subscription box is just $30 per month to get a complete DHC box like this one. Each month the accessories, stickers, and tools change so that each box is full with the best and most diverse accessories so that you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Load up and get lit up with a set of the best smoking supplies this summer, perfect for the versatile stoner or the “say I won’t” kinda smoker. Try it all out when subscribed to the DHC monthly boxes to figure out you’re next go-to stoner item.