I Love DHC Contest: Win THREE MONTHS of Daily High Club

I Love DHC Contest: Win THREE MONTHS of Daily High Club

August 16, 2018 Written by Liz Whiting

Want to win a three month complimentary El Primo subscription to Daily High Club?! Just tell us how much you love us! This month is fully focused on the community and we want to hear what you like about DHC. 


1. Get our August TWT x DHC box

2. Grab your box and record in 15-30 seconds why you love DHC. 

3. Post it to your Instagram account and tag: @DailyHighClub #DailyHighClub #RaiseYourBong


**Must be 18 or older to participate. Winner must provide a valid ID to claim the prize.

**1 lucky winner will be chosen Friday, September 7, 2018 at 2 pm pst during the @dailyhighclub live stream!




Griffin Halland 09/10/2020

Omg there’s no way to say it any better but you guys are the fucking MVP of THC history you guys have been helping troubled stoners for how long? You guys are just sooo bad ass and all of us stoners love you to the moon and back cause we are forget full and lap bomb a lot of pipes but hey there comes daily high club to the rescue you are way more appreciated then you can think.

Lester H 08/29/2018

I love the glass and all the extras in my boxes I get the all keep me guessing what is in my box to try out keep up the killer boxes

Laurie 08/29/2018

Love my DHC box. Big time quality and a ton of fun stuff. Showed my friends what I got and off they went to order theirs! Love the meditative coloring lid to work on in my special time. The glass unit is different but classy. Will use it daily like the club’s motto! Want more!

Blaize Winter 08/22/2018

There are so many reasons why I love daily high club! But to start off it’s because of the unique pieces you guys have every month. I never hesitate to send any of my friends your guys way. Whenever people will bring up Hemper co I immediately change there minds into getting your guys Subscriptions. I remember one time they sent me the
Hook up on extras just because my package was taking a little longer then it should. I appreciated it so much. All In all I will never turn my back on daily high club for as long as I live. Much love !

JAyson p 08/22/2018

Trying to win both raffles to hook up my brother who has stage 4 throat cancer. He loves getting your boxes each month, and would make his day and give him some hope if he won one of your contests. Would mean the world to him. Thank you for your time and we are crossing our fingers to be the big winners! Keep making and producing awesome products, much love!

Sasha Curl 08/22/2018

I love daily high club so much, I’m making my own little boxbfor my boyfriend for his birthday and I’m getting everything from daily high club 😊

Robin E little 08/22/2018

DHC is awesome!! Best smoking supplies around!!!
Quincy illinois

marty outlaw 08/22/2018

I love the different glass and the surprise of not knowing what your going to get when you open the box