How We Designed the September Daily High Club Glass

september glass

Everything happens for a reason, and every piece of this glass was designed for maximum functionality! Here is why we made it the way we did.

1. 14mm male joint - We chose this because it is interchangeable with your choice of a quartz banger for concentrates or a bowl for herbs! It is the size we use with almost all of our pieces, such as our flagship beaker. You'll never need a bowl or banger again!

2.  Slitted downstem - This single slitted down stem was designed to create maximum diffusion while still allowing the perfect amount of air flow in order to decrease drag. Slits are great and have been used in some of our most popular past DHC pieces.

3.  1st chamber - This beaker design helps the flow of water and smoke to travel upwards into the recycler arm.

4. Recycler Arm - This piece of glass recycles the water back in to the rear chamber and the smoke to the mouth piece. This is the same methodology used to design the double armed DHC Tornado.

5.  Bent neck mouth piece - the bent neck design acts as a natural splashguard, preventing the water from entering the user’s mouth. Many bubblers have this too!

6. Rear chamber - This design allows water to naturally cyclone down back into the first chamber, making it a full recycler.

This piece is in our September DHC box, and is only available for a limited time, so sign up today!

Has this piece ripped smoothly for you? Tell us in the comments below!👇

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