How To: Win Big with DHC Contests

How To: Win Big with DHC Contests

How To: Win Big DHC Contests Mega Box
We’re always offering ways for DHC clubbers to scoop free or discounted smoking supplies. After all, we do all of this for you! But we realized we try to throw you so many opportunities, that you may not even know about all of them. To shed light on all the giveaways, contests and exclusive discounts Daily High Club wants you to take advantage of, we’ve created this how-to guide with all the ways you can Win Big with DHC Contests!

DHC Instagram Livestream

How To: Win Big DHC Contests Livestream
Every Friday on Daily High Club’s Instagram, watch the livestream (usually around 2pm PST) for chances to win giveaways by commenting when prompted. Other giveaway winners and exclusive DHC deets are also released through the Friday livestream, so make sure to check in every week!

DHC Instagram Posts

How To: Win Big DHC Contests Instagram
If you can’t check out the livestream, simply surf the posts on DHC’s Instagram for exclusive giveaways on new products like the one above, or chances to win free subscription boxes through contests like July’s “Guess the Glass” post. Pay close attention to the captions for these secret chances to win!

Daily High Club Newsletters

How To: Win Big DHC Contests Newsletter
Subscribe to DHC newsletters for email-only incentives and giveaways. Discount codes, private giveaway contests (like the recent one above), and interesting updates and announcements are released almost every week! To subscribe, go to the bottom of the Daily High Club homepage and put your email into the “Sign up for our mailing list” box above the lower banner.
How To: Win Big DHC Contests Newsletters

DHC Facebook Posts

How To: Win Big DHC Contests Facebook Posts
Follow the DHC Facebook page for tons of special discount codes. Since the beginning of July, there have already been 8 posts containing discount codes ranging from 10-50% off smoking supplies and subscriptions, as well as 2 blurbs with giveaway contest info. Simply like Daily High Club on Facebook and watch the savings roll in!

Mega Box Giveaways

How To: Win Big DHC Contests Mega Box
Ah, the elusive MEGA BOX. Perhaps the most coveted contest prize, it’s actually the easiest one to enter to win! Every DHC member who subscribes is eligible for the Mega Box Giveaway by simply posting a picture of your monthly box on Instagram and tagging @DailyHighClub #DailyHighClub. To enter to win this month, just take a photo of your July Munchies Box and upload it to Insta with those tags - so easy!

Mega Box Raffle

How To: Win Big DHC Contests Mega Box Raffle
For an even easier way to win, just go to the Daily High Club website. Instead of exiting out that pop-up that inevitably shows up every time, read it! Every time you go to the website for the first time of the day, a Mega Box Raffle should appear shortly after the page loads. All you have to do is watch out for this box and put in your email address to enter the contest!

DHC Shopping Spree Raffle

How To: Win Big DHC Contests Shopping Spree Raffle
After entering the Mega Box Raffle and exiting out of that pop-up, watch out for a second one offering a chance to win a $1,000 Shopping Spree! Yes, pop-ups are usually annoying, but look before you click out of these exclusive chances to win on the Daily High Club website!

Follow the Daily High Club Instagram and Facebook now to start saving big on smoking supplies!

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