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How to Talk Bongs with Mom!

How to talk to Mom about your Bong

With Mother’s Day coming up and some of us staying at home with the family, it’s hard to avoid conversations with mom about your usage - completely inevitable. 

That’s why it’s important to be thinking and prepared for the way to go about these talks ahead of time, and as Mother’s Day gets closer, you can make it a fun experience for both of you. Who knows - maybe she’s interested! 

Especially in this age while we’ve been at home, it could be an ideal time to talk with the ‘rents about respect, the difference between healthy habits and bad habits, and independence. As we get older, we tend to become more independent with our lifestyle, habits, and viewpoints. 

Talking to parents about smoking can be difficult and even dangerous in some households, but don’t be discouraged; Daily High Club wants you to know that you’re not alone! The times are changing nowadays, but not everybody will agree with or understand the progress the industry has made.

Be respectful.

Why it’s Important to be Respectful When Talking to Your Mom About Bongs 

It’s so important to maintain a level of respect when it comes to talking to family members about smoking. Be ready to have a balanced and civil conversation, especially if you want to get your points across. It will be crucial to address certain expectations of respect. 

People have different ideas of respect and the way some people look at it is out of sight, out of mind, so make sure to be open to realistic expectations. 

Establish boundaries and guidelines, especially if this is someone that you live with. Boundaries will reduce conflict in the long run, especially with so many people stuck in the house. 

During this conversation, it’s important to show maturity and the thought process that goes into being an advocate in this industry.

Have an open mind

It would be better to go into this conversation with an open mind, keeping in mind that mom or dad might not agree, no matter what. There’s no way into forcing someone to change their mind or opinion on things, but there’s certainly a way to enlighten them. 

Some people however, are already set in their own ways, especially when they were told something enough times to make them believe throughout their lifetime. Our parents were a part of a completely different generation - one where D.A.R.E. was regularly taught in schools and their only knowledge came from Reefer Madness. Be prepared to be the balance in this conversation by setting the foundation for an open mind.

Talk about lifestyle and habits

Be mindful that this can be a very spiritual and healthy habit for some individuals, while others solely look at it as a bad habit. Smoking in moderation is not a bad thing, and oftentimes it can be used for high productivity people to assist with stress management and anxiety. 

Patients also utilize this alternative method for pain management, relief from frequent seizures and recovery from chemotherapy. Incorporate moderation and how it can make a difference in day-to-day situations. If it’s important to you, talk about why.

For some people, it’s a creative outlet and a way to express creativity while establishing a sense of independence. Whatever the case is, it’s not difficult to find a spot in this diverse community.

Talk about safety and health 

And that includes mental health. Do not let others invalidate your health, reasons, or lifestyle but do acknowledge that there are both pros and cons to this habit is an important part of this conversation. Do not turn a blind eye to the arguments or rebuttlements that someone might make against you. Instead, be ready to acknowledge the facts and the falsities that are floating around out there. 

Teach your mom about cleanliness 

Most mom's LOVE cleaning, so this will be a no-brainer. It’s important to talk about glass hygiene as well, this can be a kind of play on safety and health. Cleaner glass not only leads to a cleaner, smoother delivery but also cleaner lungs. 

Acknowledge glass hygiene practices and try to implement as best as possible, not just to be familiar but also for your health! There are many other ways to take precautionary measures with glass like using hemp wick, changing the water regularly, using mouthpiece filters, and using water purifiers. 

Avoid argumentative statements

It’s good to be aware of the emotions or feelings attached to the topic so that things don’t get overly emotional and so miscommunications aren’t made. It’s good to be passionate but passion can be expressed in a number of ways. 

Think about the statements you make before you say them in this conversation and make sure they’re something you are confident in saying. Grab your favorite glass and make sure to be nice and cool headed before going in.

Show intellect and knowledge 

Show that you know what you are talking about on the topic. Try to have a balance of pre-existing knowledge and willingness to learn more. What you know may be contradictory to what someone else believes so make sure to be educated on modern studies and policies so that you know what it is you’re talking about.

Address alternatives

Maybe combustibles aren’t the preferred daily driver, whatever it is that you find most effective is definitely something that’s important to be well versed in. There are so many alternatives when it comes to intake and you should be confident in what you use as a daily driver. Educate yourself on the precautionary measures of hygiene, habits, and health to truly be confident in what is being said. 

Address any additional questions

Make sure that it feels that the conversation was fully finished and nothing went unaddressed or unanswered. It’s important that no one leaves the table feeling that they’ve been left in the dark about anything. Talking about this with the parents could be uncomfortable and that’s why it’s crucial that everything is put on the table for a solid closure and clear understanding.

These are just some ideas and tips for getting a conversation going and on the table! We understand that every dynamic is different but these are some general guidelines to getting the topic going. Leave a comment on this blog about how you had, “the talk” with your parents or mentors to help others brainstorm ideas too!


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*Content intended for readers 21 and older*

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