How to: Support LGBTQ-Owned Businesses

How to: Support LGBTQ-Owned Businesses

As PRIDE Month comes to a close, you may be wondering how you can continue to support this diverse community. Daily High Club has put together a brief list of 15 LGBTQ-Owned Businesses that sell some of the dopest products that everyone can continue to buy, all year long!

Kipper Clothiers

DHC How To: Support LGBTQ Businesses Kipper Clothiers
Kipper Clothiers produces high-quality, well-fitting, custom suits and shirts, as well as a line of accessories, with the goal of creating a polished look for men and women alike. You can go in person to their store in NY or correspond via email while Kipper Clothiers work with the best tailors in your  area to provide the best fit possible, and they even pay for the first round of alterations in full, leaving you confident and secure.

Bluestockings Bookstore

DHC How to: Support LGBTQ-Owned Businesses
“98% Radical, 2% Glitter,” Bluestockings Bookstore is a volunteer-powered and collectively-owned radical bookstore, organic and vegan fair trade cafe, and activist center in Manhattan. Housing topics in queer and gender studies, global capitalism and political theories, race studies, radical education, sci-fi, poetry and more, Bluestocking is designed to be a resource and Safe Space for everyone. If you’re not local, check out their online store!

Equal Period

DHC How To: Support LGBTQ Businesses Equal Period
Equal Period is an organization empowering the LGBTQ community by creating clothing for a more diverse group of body types and identities, while also donating $10 from every item sold to an established nonprofit, like FIERCE, the Center for Anti-Violence Education, and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project. Equal Periods seeks to “start a conversation about gender, sexuality, orientation and its role in fashion. We want to push the boundaries of Masculine-Male and Feminine-Female that exist in fashion now, and instead provide more inclusive clothing options.”

Taya Beauty

DHC How To: Support LGBTQ Businesses Taya Beauty
This company offers “sustainable rainforest beauty” by creating products from raw ingredients harvest from the Rainforest through a “system of collaborative regional management, while at the same time preserving the region’s native, natural resources in a sustainable manner.” All Taya Beauty products are 100% vegan friendly and free of sulfates, parabens, animal products and animal testing, and ensure local communities directly benefit from their harvests and conservation efforts.

Style is Freedom

DHC How To: Support LGBTQ Businesses Style is Freedom
Style is Freedom supports genderless style while bringing tomboi culture to the forefront of fashion. They want to emphasize “clothing is universal to everyone,” with “timeless designs printed on premium fabrics” and made for every individual. Check out their headwear, footwear and accessories, too!

Nik Kacy

DHC How To: Support LGBTQ Businesses Nik Kacy
This luxury footwear and accessories brand is the first to create designs that go beyond the gender binary by developing gender-neutral footwear and collections with unisex sizing. The goal is to not limit style by gender or gender expression.


DHC How to: Support LGBTQ-Owned Businesses Burkinabae
Based in LA, this accessory brand creates products for the “fashionably fearless individual.” Burkinabae’s couture eyewear supports personal style through one of a kind accessories and small run collections, with the notion that “individual style has so much to do with one’s life journey,” and everyone deserves to express it.

Lovestruck Prints

DHC How To: Support LGBTQ Businesses Lovestruck Prints
Through screenprinting and illustrations, Lovestruck Prints explores “care-work, emotions and the reclamation of space” by using “soft and femme aesthetics” and relationships to challenge heteronormativity and make these relationships more visible and relatable. Peruse dozens of products ranging from T-shirts, pins, tote bags, postcards, art and screenprints!

Hemp Kettle Tea Company

DHC How to: Support LGBTQ-Owned Businesses hemp tea kettle company
Seen in DHC’s PRIDE Box, Hemp Kettle Tea Company brings unique and delicious blends of organic loose leaf teas, herbs, and spices with organic hemp. Teas are handmade in Maryland and are infused with delicious scents and nutrition provided by hemp seeds. Try their Jasmine Mate tea blend for a highly caffeinated, delicious green tea containing 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids and antioxidants.

Roots & Crowns Apothecary

DHC How To: Support LGBTQ Businesses Roots & Crowns
With the mission to bring “plant power to the people,” Roots & Crowns is a one-woman apothecary that provides handmade products formulated with top quality wild-or-organic elements. Browse herbal remedies, small-batch bitters, botanical skin care, and “bath magic.” The website states she “gathers, processes, bottles, labels and ships everything [herself], so if you’re looking for the real deal in terms of small batches and big intention, you’ve found it!”

Wondercide Natural Products

DHC How To: Support LGBTQ Businesses Wondercide
After a close call with her dog and standard home pesticides, the owner of Wondercide Natural Products went all in to create products to protect pets, homes and families with a full line of safe, effective, natural products. Made in Austin, TX, products are made with no artificial colors, fragrances, pyrethrins or synthetic pesticides, while remaining just as effective as their toxic counterparts. The mission is to “[rid] the world of unnecessary toxic chemicals - one family at a time.”

Androgynous Fox

DHC How to: Support LGBTQ-Owned Businesses Androgynous Fox
With the motto “Come as You Are and Wear What You’d Like,” Androgynous Fox believes “one shouldn’t be forced to categorize themselves, or be scrutinized for shopping in the ‘wrong’ section.” So, whether you are male, female, non-binary or “anything and everything in between,” you’re sure to find something through this androgynous clothing line that allows you to be true to yourself and feel comfortable openly displaying your identity regardless of society standards and norms.


DHC How To: Support LGBTQ Businesses dfrntpigeon
This urban apparel brand is run exclusively by Portland’s marginalized youth, and is inspired by their unique experiences and perspectives on the world around us. By maintaining a business model to help youth develop creative abilities into a potential career path, dfrntpigeon fuels a larger social mission to help these people “find a path to success, exit street life and challenge the perception of youth homelessness.”


DHC How to: Support LGBTQ-Owned Businesses Sootmegs
Sootmegs makes super awesome functional badges for under-represented groups, to make the invisible visible while challenging unhelpful assumptions and spreading awareness. These handmade badges use sensitivity and humor to spread important messages with an eye-catching flair.

Buffering the Vampire Slayer

DHC How to: Support LGBTQ-Owned Businesses
Deemed one of Esquire’s Top 10 Podcasts of 2018 and one of Time’s Top 50 Podcasts of 2018, Buffering the Vampire Slayer is a weekly podcast by “two girls with a penchant for vampire lore and patriarchy-smashing.” Each installment includes an original song recapping each Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode, and they have an amazing store with hilarious related clothing.
For other LGBTQ-sourced items, be sure to check out DHC PRIDE Box before it's gone!

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