Get the Best Electronic Dabbing Device on the Market at Daily High Club

Get the Best Electronic Dabbing Device on the Market at Daily High Club

November 11, 2019 Written by Celina Jauregui

The best electronic dabbing device of 2019 just made its way into Daily High Club’s shelves and they’re definitely a game-changer, Daily High Club exclusively partners with nothing but the most quality and durable brands and the Puffco Peak is here to remind us of that. This dab rig is one of the simplest but most promising tools in the industry. The Puffco Peak comes with essentially everything you will need to start your dabbing experience with the portability, user-friendliness, and simplicity in a seven-inch device. This tool is built to meet each individual’s standards and will leave you abandoning your conventional glass rigs when it comes to the future of concentrates.

What is an e-dab device?

An e-dab rig or electronic dab rig serves the same function as a standard glass rig but instead is heated up electronically, with no torch and essentially no accessories required. It comes apart into three main pieces; the glass vapor chamber, the electronic base, and the atomizer, where the concentrate is added.


Puffco Peak Medusa dabbing devices


The Puffco Peak - Medusa


DHC carries three different colors of the peak including black, this rose gold Medusa and even a glow in the dark neon lightning Puffco!

How does it work?

The Puffco Peak is one of the easiest portable setups, once it’s all put together essentially the only thing you will need is your legal concentrate and you’re set to go. The device has one button located in the center of the electronic base which controls all the settings for the device. This button not only allows you to just turn it on or off, but you can get a more custom rip with the four different temperature settings that the Puffco contains.

How does it compare to the standard rigs? 

The Puffco is far more high tech and more advanced than a standard rig, with an e-device like this it takes out the whole process of needing a torch. The device is easily turned on and off so that as long as it is charged it is ready to go at the touch of a button and the delivery is on point every time.

“With pre-set temperature settings each rip can be exactly the same, there's no concern for overheating your nail or combusting your concentrates. This ensures the proper flavor of the concentrate shines through.” -Ezra Sokobin

What is the set up like?

The Puffco comes in three different pieces to provide a more user-friendly experience. The glass mouthpiece and electronic base are easily detachable to make the filling and charging each incredibly easy. The glass piece comes off to make sure the electronics are not damaged while filling with water, while the base can charge with no worry of the glass being broken.  Essentially the base is the main source of heat because it provides power to heat up the ceramic bowl. The ceramic bowl is going to be a part of the atomizer, the atomizer alone is a three-piece set which can be unscrewed from the base. This is so that the atomizer can be cleaned regularly and efficiently without damaging the base. In addition to the atomizer’s base and the ceramic bowl, the device also comes with a protective band that holds the ceramic bowl in place. These three parts can be screwed and unscrewed from each other and also from the electronic base for easy cleaning. The glass can be cleaned exactly like a standard glass piece, with isopropyl alcohol or with cleaning products like ResRemover. By keeping up with some basic wipe down between rips the device should stay in good condition for multiple charges.

What is the function like?

The performance on this device is top-notch, with four different temperature settings starting at 450, and going up to 600 this ensures that each individual gets the perfect rip every single time. It also leaves room for other custom options like cold loads, where the concentrate is packed before the device is heated or hot loads which consist of loading the concentrate after the device has heated up. This provides a custom experience for every user in the portability as a cartridge, but unlike a vape pen, you are not tied down to one concentrate for a full cart's worth of hits. It allows users to perfect their experience based on what they like. 

What are some of the benefits of owning a Puffco?

Not only is the Puffco one of the most advanced smoking devices on the market but it is also extremely portable, with each charge lasting over 20 hits the Puffco is perfect for day use, friendly seshes, busy days, road trips, or anything else that might have you puffing throughout the day. With only four different temperature settings, two different device settings (including sesh mode), and only one button the Puffco is so simple to use. It brings together user-friendliness with the same powerful and clean experience that dabs bring to the table with no flavor loss or deprived through this process, nor is the potency.

The Puffco Experience:

Check out DHC’s variety of dab wands and carb caps that we carry like the Olive carb cap/dab tool combo for an even more custom experience. However, essentially everything you need will already be included with the device like a portable accessory carrying case, USB and wall charger, a carb cap, a loading tool, cotton swabs, an extra ceramic bowl, and an instruction manual.

The Puffco Peak - Black
The Puffco Peak - Black
$ 379.99
The Puffco Peak Atomizer
The Puffco Peak Atomizer

DHC also carries atomizers so that no matter what happens, you’re covered. These atomizers are built for durability and nothing but the cleanest, smoothest, rips.

Why should I get a Puffco?

This device ensures a much smoother rip, has a longer life span, is much more user-friendly than a traditional rig. Not only does this device provide one of the simplest smoking experiences for any smoker, beginner or advanced, but the company also offers replacements for essentially every individual piece of it. It takes a lot less time to set up and is nowhere near as fragile as a conventional rig. With so many questionable brands out there it’s definitely safest to carry around products that allow you the freedom to switch up on things you don’t like. The Puffco brings the most advanced and smoothest smoking experience into the convenience of one device.