Gearing Up for Summer 2020

Gearing Up for Summer 2020

June 13, 2020 Written by Celina Jauregui

Summer 2020 is coming around and it’s time to lighten things up as the season gets closer.

This year has certainly been a strange one but even with the chaos of the world around us, it’s important to find peace in everyday things.

Find your peace with a new piece of glass to kick off this summer with because Daily High Club has stocked up with everything from beaker bongs, to dab rigs, bubblers, dry pipes, and even more as we get further into the season.

Whether you’re venturing out or have plans to stay in throughout the season, don’t let yourself be without some sort of partner in crime!

electric neon beaker bong

Don’t start the summer off dull when there is so much color around! Some of the newest pieces we’ve got are some of the most beautifully blown and intriguing glass art to hit the Daily High Club shelves yet. This eight inch anodized neon beaker makes for great daily drivers or even as an addition to a growing collection! With three colors still in stock this glass is perfect to cool down with on those hot days because of the included ice cube catcher.

skull sidecar bubbler bong

This deadly upgrade is great for the summer season because of its portability and size. Even though the can is small, the slitted disc diffuser downstem at the center of it makes for an insane delivery. Bring this to the next sesh and leave your friends at the grave!

icicle bong

Looking for something a little more classy and iced out then just the standard piece? The iridescent glow on this glass gives it bright summer vibes while the blue color gives it chill tones. The 7.5 inch piece includes a matrix perc in the center of the bottom beaker while the rings towards the neck of the glass act as a splash guard to prevent any water backsplash. The beautiful bubble trap patterned section will keep you cool all summer long!

rainbow bottle bong

Bring the brightest vibe to every sesh with this rainbow piece, the design makes it easy for handheld use while it’s height makes for a straightforward and to the point delivery. The three tone colorway is reminiscent of the ice cream man and sweet summer popsicles!

beehive bong

Why be stuck in the same old routine when you can be buzzing around with a dope new piece like this? The brightly accented piece comes in a total of three different colors and has a 14mm joint which makes it ideal for being doubled as a dab rig!

watermelon bong

This beautifully accented piece is the perfect summer upgrade as the season approaches and the days get warmer. Don’t forget to cut yourself a slice for enduring isolation and get yourself something sweet to smoke on. The mouthpiece also doubles as a splashguard to avoid water uptake and the five hole diffuser on this glass makes for the smoothest rips!

pebble pipe

Looking for something simple, easy, and mobile? This three inch dry pipe is just the piece for that, the sleek and shiny design gives it a classy look while the carb hole or shotgun on the side ensures for a smooth delivery. A perfectly portable pipe for summer adventures, just don't skip this stone while you’re out on the water.

swirly dirly bong

This beautifully tinted piece is silver fumed to give it a gorgeous golden glow and adorned with blue accents and scalloped neck to complete the clean design. The piece includes a simple three hole perc making for a clean delivery and a classic 14mm bowl piece, making it easy for interchanging the bowl piece for custom size rips. 

the worked mini bong

This small but mighty piece is the perfect upgrade as the summer season comes around. If all the online shopping over shelter-in-place broke your bank then this might be the perfect piece for this time of year. Each piece is hand blown and adorned with a unique wig-wag designed pattern around the can. The fixed downstem makes it the perfect two-piece set for a beginner or even for a basic bong upgrade.

jade lip beaker bong

A simple but clean classic beaker glass upgrade might be exactly the move this summer for those staying at home, and this accented glass hit shelves just in time! Gear up with this 17 inch beaker that may look basic but provides some of the most hefty hits. Three pinches in the neck make the perfect spot for holding ice cubes and cooling off your hits on those hot summer days.

the obelisk bong

One of the most complex pieces on shelves yet made it just on time for summer. In addition to its massive 18 inch height, the glass has some of the most intricate percolators making the most insane diffusion. Between the up-gridded stemline, the eight arem tree perc, and the ice cube catcher, this beautiful piece is the perfect companion for those long summer days when you're stuck at home!

spray bottle bong

Get ready to cool off on those hot summer days with this water squirter shaped glass. This simple but beautiful glass is accented with bright green and blue colors and it includes a circ perc at the bottom center of the can which makes for a smooth, clean delivery.

 usa single shower straight shooter bong

Between the UFO style showerhead perc, the ice pinch, and the slitted diffuser downstem this American blown tube is a promising upgrade for those looking to treat themselves. This massive straight tube is also available in a double percolator style for just $10 more! Both bongs make for a sweet summer smoke session!

GRAV conical pocket bubbler

Check out some of the latest and greatest designs in bubbler technology like this unique 10mm glass piece. The piece features a removable dry herb bowl but is also compatible with our premium quartz bangers and even perfect for pairing with pre-rolled cones. 

silicone ice cream bong

Start this summer off sweet with a silicone upgrade as your next piece. Silicone pieces are great for longevity, durability, and portability making this piece the perfect go to treat on those hot days. With four different flavors total there’s no way to go wrong with a piece like this.

Although this summer might be different for some of us it’s important to stay prepared and get creative with our time with the help of some favorite summer glass picks from Daily High Club!


No matter what you have going on this summer, our online head shop has the best piece for every occasion!