dabentines day unboxing

February 2021 Dabentine's Day Unboxing

March 09, 2021 Written by Celina Jauregui
Missed out on some of the dopest boxes this year already? Don’t worry we still have February boxes available online, and what’s in it are some of DHC’s must have accessories and some awesome collaborations! Check out what you could be adding to your collection with this lovely box or check out our monthly subscription to ensure you never miss a drop again.
purple perc rig
This month's glass features a dope little piece with a prism shaped perc at the bottom center base of the piece, making for amazing filtration and a beautiful purple shine when it’s out in the light. Our Purple perc rig is perfect for tasty dabs and has an insanely smooth function, perfect for both herb lover and concentrate lovers alike! And don’t worry if you like to switch out between the two, this month’s box is packed and loaded with some extra goodies, including both a bowl piece and quartz banger!

hippie clipper
All of our boxes come with a custom picked clipper and this month's theme makes for an all around lovable box. But don’t worry if you still find yourself losing the different lights from your monthly subscription they’re also available at DHC’s online glass store.
blazy susan papers
If you’re always on the go or in a hurry, these papers are perfect for all your portable needs to make it easy to light up while on travels, or can even be great for being subtle while lighting up. Blazy Susan papers are dyed with vegetable dyes so they’re totally safe to smoke and are perfect for cone art or setting the mood. These exclusive papers are in collaboration with another fun cannabis brand @BlazySusan, check out their full collection of products at DHC to make for a GMO-free, vegan friendly smoking experience!
This awesome carb cap is great for the oil lovers of the world. Although the boxes vary between flower bowls and quartz bangers, this month’s box includes the full dab set up with the banger, directional flow silicone carb cap, and the heart dab tool/carb cap with no directional flow so everyone can experience the most epic sesh!
east coaster
East Coaster 
Every month we include a super dope dab mat, the perfect collectors item or perfect resting spot for the daily driver. This month's super sick mat is in collaboration with The East Coaster and is made from recycled materials! Not only is the design cool but the mission of the company is to upcycle rubber that would otherwise end up polluting our waters.
Glass Heart Dab Tool
Looking for a sweet tool to stir up all your favorite honeys with? Look no further because this box comes with an absolutely lovable set of dab tools. Included is a cute glass heart dab wand and carb cap combo tool.

Slab Sticker & Circle Heart Sticker
Running out or room for stickers on your favorite beaker? It might be time to utilize all that empty space from the bottom of your favorite ashtray, In-N-Out tray, or lost document that’s been newly converted into the new go-to when it comes to rolling up. Restart a sticker collection dedicated to your monthly DHC collectibles or collect all your favorite brands through stickers, either way this month's stickers are ones you're certainly going to want to add to your favorite sticker spot.
So regardless if you just have a habit of gifting late, you're only now getting to know your dabentine, or you’re getting yourself a little bit of a late V-Day gift, consider this box or subscribe to our monthly collection to get awesome glass shipped directly to your door!