Earth Day Smoking Supplies

Earth Day Smoking Supplies

In honor of Earth Day, DHC rounded up the top organic, all-natural or eco-friendly smoking supplies available through the Daily High Club store. Take a look and start thinking of ways to appreciate our home planet this Earth Day.

All-Natural Subscription Box

DHC Earth Day Smoking Supplies All Natural Box

DHC’s most economical box of smoking supplies, the All-Natural Box, is only $1/mo. Plus S&H and includes 1.25 size all-natural papers, all-natural filter tips, a 3.3’ Organic Bee Wick and a matchbook.
$1 + S&H

Elements 1 ¼  Papers

Made from pure rice paper and no added chemicals, these papers also feature a patented Rolling Supreme watermark to maintain smooth, even burning. Each pack features a magnetic closure, guaranteeing safety for your precious papers. Also available from DHC: Elements Red all-natural hemp papers and Elements King Size papers.

Hempire Papers

Ultra-thin and slow-burning, Hempire rolling papers use natural gum extracted from the rubber plant making them environmentally friendly and also free of tree materials. If you want a high quality, natural rolling paper made of pure hemp, give these a try!

RAW Organic Hemp Paper Single Wide

These all-natural rolling papers are pure and less processed, creating a unique, unadulterated smoking experience. Instead of the usual chlorine-whitened papers, these contain a hybrid blend of unbleached fibers, resulting in a natural light brown color. Each paper is also watermarked with a patented CrissCross design, helping prevent runs and maintain the smooth even-burning characteristic RAW products are known for. Also available from DHC: RAW Classic 1 1/4 Papers and RAW "Masterpiece" King Size Slim + Pre-Rolled Tips.

Skunk Brand Papers

Skunk is one of the oldest brands of hemp papers in the marketplace. When it was launched in 1994 it took the market by surprise and carved out a longstanding niche for itself. The SKUNK character "Stinky" is very well known and has even been on its own line of clothing. Skunk papers are of 100% pure hemp.

Zen Effen Papers

The Effen paper from Zen is the newest, thinnest paper from one of the most trusted names in smoking. Packed in the thinnest packs and made from 100% hemp with a line of 100% natural arabic gum so your smoke is as smooth and chemical free as can be.

Mini Clipper Lighter

Mini Clipper Lighter

Representing the best of both worlds, Clipper lighters are both disposable and refillable. Better still, every Clipper lighter is equipped with a tough nylon body and a replaceable flint; which means your washing machine will never tragically claim another lighter from you ever again.

Bee Wick Organic Wick

DHC Earth Day Smoking Supplies Bee Wick

20 feet of Premium Bee Wick for keeping smoking sessions flavorful and free of butane.

RAW Hydrostone

RAW Hydrostone Earth Day Smoking Supplies

In line with the other eco-friendly products RAW supplies, this hydrostone is made from uncoated, natural, kiln-baked terra cotta. It was originally developed to keep tobacco fresh on ships during the early days of trade. Simply soak the hydrostone for 5 minutes and place with smoking material to maintain freshness like never before. 100% reusable.

Rechargeable Flameless USB Lighter

DHC Earth Day Smoking Supplies Flameless USB Lighter

Rechargeable and flameless, these lighters are the pinnacle of reusable smoking supplies and also cut out butane emission and flavor during smoke sessions. While we are currently out of stock, make sure you snag one once they are back in the store to reduce the number of lighter refuse and get in the “go green” game while smoking. It could be the last lighter you ever buy!

DHC Clear Glass Rolling Tip 3 pack

According to one review, this nifty tool “makes rolling so much easier” and is “super convenient!” Borosilicate glass ensures structural integrity and an awesome heat buffer while a clever indented design prevents annoying pull through and the best part: it’s totally reusable!

Juicy Javelin Ultra Slim Vapor Pen Complete Kit

Reduce the amount of toxins you produce and byproduct you throw away with a this complete vape pen kit. The Clearomizer has a leak-proof threaded mouthpiece and specific rate of transfer wicks. The Javelin Battery has high torque metal threads, power saving true LED and a long-life 350mAh Lithium Ion battery. The kit also includes Juicy Javelin Lanyard and USB Charger. Available in purple, silver or blue.



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