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Dry Pipe Guide

Welcome to your guide to dry pipes where the variety is impeccable!
While many stoners prefer to use dry pipes, many refuse to even touch one after they’ve graduated to bongs or rigs.
However, when it comes to hard hitting glass, we’ve made sure that our dry pipes are up to par with some of the most advanced and quality pipes on the market.
daily high club 4 inch spoon pipe
The basic dry pipe typically looks something like this. Simple, but efficiently designed, perfectly portable and pocket sized, and easy to use for both new and experienced smokers.
Most dry pipes like this one include a carb cap to help improve air flow throughout each rip, without it, large chambers tend to have a harsher hit unless there is something in place that helps make for a smoother rip.
Many people prefer this design because it’s efficient and does the job well on it’s own. This design in specific makes it easy to clean and easy to tell when it’s dirty. Perfect for the cleanly smoker who is just looking for the most conveniently designed piece.
ice block pipe
This may look like a standard dry pipe, however, this block brings some of the seemingly exclusive variations of bongs to a simply designed pipe.
Cool off on those hot days with a chilled glass pipe like this basic upgrade that can sit in the freezer overnight, retain a nice chill, and hits perfectly the next day! The cool sensation makes for smoother, more quality rips with the same convenience of a traveling pipe.
It works great whether it’s used frozen or not and is a perfect gift for those who are looking for something discrete, portable, but with a smooth and hefty quality.
the danklet ankle bracelet
This stylish piece is perfect for the smoker in the closet, because it’s designed to be worn as an anklet so that no one will ever realize you’re headed out for the sesh!
With a design that makes it easy to screw on and off, this piece makes it easy to store your dry herbs in while running daily errands. Not to mention, the price is absolutely unbeatable for something so convenient!
daily high club hammer pipe
$17.98 ($19.99)
This piece is the perfect size if you're looking to upgrade from the average dry pipe. With its larger glass chamber, it produces larger rips but with the same ease and heftier high.
This twist on the basic pipe makes it easy to set down on a common area table without spilling the burnings or insides and also includes a carb cap for maximum quality throughout each use.
This all-in-one dry pipe kit comes complete with a cleaning pipe, replacement screen, bowl scraper, and cloth carrier. The cloth carrier makes it easy for a less obvious travel option, while the other accessories make it easy to perform routine maintenance and keep it clean.
The small hole on the right side of the pipe (in this picture) is actually a lighter as well, making it quite literally an all-in-one set. This technology is user friendly and makes it easy to get from place to place with just the one item.
Solopipe is the ultimate on-the-go piece, and since it’s not made from glass, it makes breaking much more difficult.
footed sherlock pipe
This design is a beautiful twist on the classic glass pipe; with a gorgeous opaque fusing throughout the glass, this dry pipe is perfect for the art appreciator or glass collector alike.
With a longer span of 6.5 inches, the performance is spectacular due to its length and shape, which maintains a quality rip and air flow, despite its longer structure.
The two perks at the bottom of the pipe make it perfect for resting on a table without the fear of it falling over, breaking, or just making a mess.
narwhal horn pipe
This multi-colored fused pipe is a beautiful example that not all dry pipes look one certain way or shape.
Rather than length, this dry pipe portrays more of a height based chamber and in fact, it similarly resembles a bubbler just based off of its shape.
It’s structure creates the perfect funnel for air flow and gives it a hefty expedition all while its shapely bowl allows for large packs, lasting bowls, and easy use. 
Perfect for the glass collector, stoney nautical nerd, or your favorite water sign!
rasta frit chillum
The chillum is far more straightforward then your typically designed pipe and is in fact, more discreet and portable for the busy stoner.
For those who like the convenience of cones, the chillum makes it easy to revisit a half smoked bowl.
Hide it away while running from place to place, and with it’s small size it couldn’t be easier to just tuck it away into a pocket or purse.
apple hand pipe
This apple hand pipe is just one of many beautiful varieties of hand pipes at DHC, that are designed with a huge chamber. The huge chamber makes it great for experienced stoners to switch it up and upgrade with a dry pipe. The chamber makes for larger rips so less bowls are necessary to reach that perfectly sweet spot.
Beyond this, the designs are endless, but these are just a few of the variety of designs that DHC is sure to carry throughout the year. Checkout our Dry Pipe section at our online headshop to stay updated on newest drops and find the next perfect piece for you or a friend!

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