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DHC's Smoking Influencers to Watch on 420

DHC's Smoking Influencers to Watch on 420

We often look to these top smoke-oriented influencers for inspiration, laughs, and a way to forget the mundanity of everyday life. But when this 4/20 rolls around, these smoking celebs are sure to ramp up the entertainment. So when you kick back for a smoke sesh this holiday, make sure you check out this list of our faves to enjoy some good ol’ quality content.

Koala Puffs

Smoking Influencers to Watch 420 Koala Puffs

A previous collab partner and a current role model, this girl knows her stuff.  She’ll leave you well-informed and uber entertained, begging for the next hysterical video. PS. don’t skip out on her Insta -- you will be dying.


Smoking Influencers to Watch 420 MacDizzle

The other half of the DizzlePuffs sub box, we always love watching (and working with!) MacDizzle. She’s outrageously funny and her social channels are full of equally outrageous smoking antics that will have you rolling on the floor.

Zairilla Bacon

Smoking Influencers to Watch 420 Zairilla Bacon

"It's bacon bitch!" If you're a foodie, you must follow Zairilla Bacon. Our amazing partner for the March 19th box, she's a dope-ass chef who loves whippin' up comfort food, and even offers a legal herb-infused option for medicinal patients or those in legalized states. A quick glance at her Instagram shows she's know joke, hanging with some of the greats like Waka Flocka, Method Man, Red Man, Mike Tyson, Hannibal Buress and Tommy Chong! We can’t wait to see what she cooks up for 4/20.

Raw OG

Smoking Influencers to Watch 420 Raw OG

His long luscious locks are just the tip of the iceberg! Follow his Insta for insight into dope legal concentrates and glass, check out his Twitter for funny snippets of commentary, or view him on YouTube for more antics and smokey situations. Bonus: be sure to view the much-loved DHC x RAW OG collab bong in our online headshop!

Chanel West Coast

Smoking Influencers to Watch 420 Chanel West Coast

I'm sure you've heard her infectious laugh on Ridiculousness, and have seen her name on the sick DHC collab subscription box for September ‘18. But there's so many more reasons to troll her social media. She's gorgeous, fly as hell, super funny, and way talented. It would be a damn shame not to follow this fox.

Silenced Hippie

Smoking Influencers to Watch 420 Silenced Hippie

We’ve been lucky enough to work with Silenced Hippie since our DC days, with our most recent labor of love being the June ‘18 DHC x Silenced Hippie collab box. That frosted glass peace pipe with the oversized chamber...she sure knows smoking supplies!

Tommy Chong

Smoking Influencers to Watch 420 Tommy Chong

Speaking of Tommy Chong...The man, the myth, the absolute freakin’ legend. DHC has been #blessed to be able to work with Tommy Chong on everything from glass and apparel, to two of our most popular collab boxes. At 80 years old, he’s still sharp as a tack and funny as ever!

Mason Ray Parker

Smoking Influencers to Watch 420 Mason Ray Parker

Mason is making moves, and you definitely want to follow them. Listen to his original beats on Youtube, watch his hilarious shenanigans on Insta, and definitely check out the rad Rocket Dab Rig from our November ‘18 collab kit. You won’t regret it.

Supreme Patty

Smoking Influencers to Watch 420 Supreme Patty

We’re sure you already know all about Supreme Patty through his uproarious antics documented on his various social accounts. His gregarious personality is only matched by his big heart, but don’t just take it from us! Keep your eye on this larger-than-life influencer for jaw-dropping situations and heart-warming stimulation.

The Dank Duchess

Smoking Influencers to Watch 420 Dank Duchess

Alright kids, class is in session! This lady’s Instagram page delivers interesting videos, fascinating photos, and some serious knowledge. For those that lean toward rosin, this is definitely the influencer to watch this April. .

Rachel Wolfson

Smoking Influencers to Watch 420 Rachel Wolfson

Comedian and smoker, this girl has a wicked talent for turning all of your smoker thoughts into memes and gifs that will have you cracking the eff up as you scroll through feeds. Follow her if you want to stay lifted throughout the day through her hilarious commentary.

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