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DHC’s Guide to Spooky Season: Bong Edition

As one of our favorite seasons comes in close we wanted to do another round up of our favorite seasonal glass. For the past few years we’ve been featuring spooky glass in our monthly boxes every October and this year we’ve released one of our favorite pieces yet!
Although our halloween glass just keeps getting better by the year, the designs and functions on previous years glass stay consistent. Our online headshop carries all featured glass year round or until supplies last, so make sure to check out what’s in stock on some of your favorite glass as the holidays get closer.
eyeball bong
This monstrous glass will help you maintain 2020 vision, as we narrow down on the last few months of the year, we could all use a little reward for powering through it. This exotic glass is another one of our most epicly designed artistic pieces available in store.
The piece includes a slit disc percolator for the smooth delivery and has a standard bowl size of 14mm, making it easy to experiment with or replace!
octobra cobra bong
$42.99 - $44.99
Is it your season to shed? Are you getting rid of all the snakes in your life? Well here’s the perfect replacement, stress-relieving and this snake won’t bite.
The cobra glass was featured as last year's halloween glass in the subscription box, and did so well we had to release it in green. This glass is built to be used as both a dry herb bowl and oil rig, it’s small size makes the perfect chamber for both kinds of attachments.
daily high club skull bong collection
$54.99 - $79.99
One of the most classic yet durable pieces released amongst the Halloween Bong series, the skull bong is a DHC classic that is perfect for all year round.
 Collect all four colors or choose your favorite to add to an existing glass collection. This piece doesn’t mind being the skeleton in the closet, however it’s been one of the best reviewed for its function and size. The pulls out of this skull will tickle your bones.
 skull sidecar bubbler dab rig
More of an oil head? If you’re looking for a seasonal upgrade in spooky dab rigs, then this is the perfect design as the hallo-days come up.
With such a short height this piece can easily be made portable and used on-the-go easily; and not only that but it doesn’t take that much water to fill up, so you’ll never be left bone dry again.
The circ-perc in the bottom center of the rig ensures a smooth circulation of air, so even on such a small rig, the delivery is hefty but still smooth and easy-hitting.
skull bong xl bong
Do you need more of a longer pull in your glass? Are you a beaker freak? Well DHC extended the neck on the skull glass and made it into a beaker style glass.
This glass is ideal for seasonal house decor and has an even more practical function! The original skull glass has been a long time customer favorite and the 10.5 height provides that same smoothness but with a bigger punch.
 Get your next spooky beaker in one of four colors for a bone chilling glass experience!
demon skull beaker bong
As we work towards being more innovative and creative with our glasswork, we’ve brought one of our most intricate pieces yet to life as a three eyed color skull with beautifully infused horns.
This piece is perfect for the art lover, the glass lover, and the function freak alike. At twelve inches tall, this glass is designed for perfect grip and major rips as it includes a slitted disc perc that sits at the bottom center of the glass, so that it can be easily submerged in the water to create an abundance of bubbles.
raw og x daily high club bong
A classic collab with one of our long standing partners, RAW, never disappoints. Amongst the beakers, this maxes out at fifteen inches tall, making it the tallest of the three spooky bongs.
The dope art is just the icing on the cake for this already high functioning glass. The hefty height ensures a larger rip and the ice pinch at the neck makes it perfect for larger rips on hot days.
The character on the design might be bone dry, but using this cool glass will help you cool down and blow off some steam.
2020 october box daily high club
Available online or for subscription for just $29.99 when you subscribe to Daily High Club’s El Primo box. If you’re not already subscribed to DHC, this is definitely the season that you’ll be wanting to because we will have themed glass that is the best deal with our subscription box.
This year we’ve released our most deadly piece yet and it’s definitely a killer! 
Check out what we’ve concocted for this month's magic potion as the days get growingly closer to Halloween. This set is the ultimate adult goodie box!
Check out our online smoke shop for all the spookiest and dopest smoking accessories when it comes to lighting up this halloween.
Let us know in the comments what seasonal designs you want to see featured next as we get closer to the holidays. DHC looks forward to bringing you more monthly subscriptions and which include what YOU want to see!

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