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Daily High Club’s Featured Grinders

Daily High Club’s Featured Grinders 
Grinders can be such an important aspect when it comes to staying on top of the daily grind. While there are all sorts of different reasons and ways for choosing the grinder to use as a daily driver, the glory of a finding that quality grinder can change up the entire game. While some do prefer a more old fashion grind, like those who chose to grind by hand, others look for real specific qualities in the grinder that they carry. Having a grinder that meets your specific needs is so important to having an overall good smoking experience. It can also be a good way of saving flower and limiting intake, all while remaining ready for any type of sesh! With all the different qualities a grinder can take on, Daily High Club offers a variety of different types of grinders, from odor proof cases to fine grinding flowers, there’s a perfect fit for everyone out there. 
Acrylic 3 Piece Grinder
This simple three piece grinder is perfect for those who need to maintain bigger chunks of herb, making it the perfect grinder for rolling. Instead of a fine grind this grind tends to provide a thicker result for those who don’t prefer the smaller material of a typical grinder. This is also good for those bigger bowl pieces where the herbs tend to fall through easier. If it’s still too chunky, just give the grinder a couple extra twists and it can also provide a smaller, finer result. Not only does it provide a nice grind, but it also includes a storage compartment making it great for on the go.
Daily High Club x Herbsaver Grinder
$13.99 - $22.99
The water resistant and odor proof features of the Herbsaver make for a perfect on the go grinder. Not only is it odor resistant, but this grinder comes complete with a stash compartment built in for herb storage. This grinder will ensure that you stay ready for a session, anytime and anyplace when you carry this grinder on hand. If you’re that person who always likes to stay ready with product on hand, this Herbsaver collab is going to be a lifesaver. Suppose you enjoy the finer herbs in life, this little grinder will ensure that you keep the perfect amount of personal product on hand so that you’re never left without options. It also includes a kief collector, a kief scraper, and a detachable metal screen, making for easier cleanings. 
2-Piece Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder
$28.50 (small) or $43.50 (large)
The quality on this grinder is absolutely perfect, within just a couple twists it’s great for breaking up herb into the perfect size bits. This company has an original design which exceeds the expectations of the typical grinder; the magnet in the lid and perfectly compatible threading in each piece makes for a high quality grinder. The design and results make it the perfect pair with any glass.
Lit.Club 4 Piece Grinder
The Lit Club Grinder is a high tech grinder with sharp, curved teeth that provides the perfect grind. The grinder has a see through chamber so that you know exactly what to expect and also makes for a great way to monitor the amount left inside, making it a great daily driver when it comes to grinding. The metal screen is also removable for easy cleaning access because after a while, grinders tend to collect build up. This brand also included all the works for easier cleaning with the included dust brush, a scrapper, a removable metal screen and small pick to help maintain a cleanly kief collecting chamber.
4-Piece Space Case Grinder
This one is going to be the most advanced grinder that DHC carries, with strong and sharp teeth this grinder promotes the perfect grind for quality herbs. With four pieces total, and three chambers it also includes a kief collector. This is going to be the most durable and sturdy grinder because of the quality metal, which gives it a strong design and promotes its durability. Being the most practical grinder for day to day, it’s simple four piece design makes it easy to clean. For an easy how to clean grinders, check out some of our past blogs that will guide you through how.
Alpaca Grinder
This alpaca grinder is technology of the future, it can both grind and dispense at the same time! This is ultimately going to be the fastest way and the most practical way to grind, whether it's going into a dry pipe, bong, bubbler, or being rolled into a joint or stuffed in a cone, this method makes it so easy for the practical stoner to load up. Ideal for those who don’t like to get their hands dirty or sticky, even during the transfer from grinder to piece. Not only is it practical, but it also has a stick-proof coating that helps prevent build up, which means less cleanings and a longer lasting use. It comes with a silicone cap for the dispensing sector of the grinder so that you’re also able to use it as a standard grinder and save the herb throughout the day or week and making it easy to take it to go.

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