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Christmas Came Early With A New Stash From DHC!

Check Out All The New Products At DHC!

The DHC online store is so massive, it can be difficult to see the latest and greatest products available in our headshop. Luckily, we have this guide to help you see the pipes and kits that have recently made their grand debut, and just in time for the Christmas and Hanukkah! Add these to your shopping list and keep an eye out next week for our list of new holiday bongs and dry pipes.

Bong Cleaning Kit

Check Out All the New Products at DHC Bong Cleaning Kit

Never again worry about funky flavors or stale water with the best Bong Cleaning Kit around! DHC has put together the best of the best in pipe cleaning technology to combat gross grime and enhance your smoking experience. Each kit includes:

Reusable ResRemover bong cleaner, featured in our August ‘18 TWT Collab Box
420 wipes for any sticky situations
Resolution caps to seal off the joint and mouthpiece for no-fuss and no-mess cleaning
A Smojo Screen to reduce the amount of build-up in your bong water or unwanted snacks in your pipe
Hard-bristled pipe cleaners for extra assistance


DHC Ultimate Rolling Kit

Check Out New Products at DHC Guide Ultimate Rolling Kit

If you’re a fan of DHC’s Ultimate Rolling Kit, check out the new and improved Ultimate Rolling Kit that includes an HerbSave Mini Grinder, silicone smoke ring and papers! The ultimate stocking stuffer resides in the latest rendition of this fabulous box.


7/13 Arm Tree Perc Shrub Dab Rig

Check Out All the New Products at DHC 7 13 Arm Tree Perc Dab Rig

Be warned, this rig really rips! Two tree percolators, the top one with 13 arms and the lower one with 7 arms, create absolutely insane diffusion that you’re sure to appreciate. Plus, thick glass and gorgeous green accents make this powerful little dab rig a must-have in any collection!


Honeycomb Incycler Bong

Check Out All the New Products at DHC Honeycomb Incycler Bong

Klein recyclers have become a very popular perc design because of their aesthetic appeal and their super smooth function. So it was about time we offered up a bong with this option! This Honeycomb Incycler Bong features an external uptake and drain to create the beloved recycler, but then throws in a honeycomb perc to deliver an epic smoking experience like never before.


DHC Swiss Fab Egg

Check Out All the New Products at DHC Swiss Fab Egg Bong

Make way for one of the most sophisticated dab rigs that DHC has ever created! The matrix perc at the bottom offers great diffusion, but the swiss section is what really makes this bong stand out. Air is forced around each of these holes, filtering smoke without creating any drag on your pull. The unusual surface area of the egg shape only adds to the diffusion, and enhances flavor with every pull.


Double Showerhead Swiss Perc Bong

Check Out All the New Products at DHC Double Showerhead Swiss Perc Bong

This bong features the same Swiss cheese-looking design as the one above, but also includes an ice pinch for even smoother rips. It’s unique look makes it a welcome addition to your smoking supply arsenal, while the double showerhead percs at the bottom enhance it’s functionally and stylishness, making it one of our fave new bongs.


DHC Ultimate Concentrates Dab Kit

Check Out All the New Products at DHC Ultimate Concentrates Dab Kit

DHC has upped the ante with our new and improved DHC Ultimate Concentrates Dab Kit. Our team of dabbing experts has selected the highest quality products to deliver the finest dab experience directly to you! A step up from our previous dab kit, this one includes:

A custom-made scientific glass rig with a fixed 5-arm tree perc and reinforced 90-degree female joint
Magnum Torch by Ignitus, one of the newest and most intuitive torches currently on the market
Directional flow carb cap for low temp flavor chasers
One XL 25 mm male quartz banger
Silicone non-stick building block container
Premium double-ended dab tool
DHC Silicone Dab Mat


Check Out New Products at DHC Holiday Guide CTA

Come back next week for our exclusive guide of holiday pipes and bongs perfect for the gift-giving season!

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