cannabis news roundup

Cannabis News Round Up - 2021

January 06, 2021 Written by Celina Jauregui
As we climb further into the new year, new administration, and lots of change, it seems like the cannabis world isn’t slowing down. From growing brands to political progress, there is a lot to keep up with in the canna-sector. But don’t worry about fishing out different articles, sources, and vices of information when we have your weekly headline roundup in one convenient spot! From everything on a nationwide level, to things on a more global level, there always seems to be some sort of change going on in this growing industry.

washington cannabis sales

  • Washington Brings in $2 billion to State Economy From Legal Cannabis Sales

  • Washington State University compiled a detailed report on the economic growth in the legal cannabis industry that revealed over $883 million in tax revenue and $2 billion to the state's economy from cannabis sales. The industry has additionally provided close to 20,000 jobs. The study also indicates that the excise taxes on marijuana is the fastest growing among tax revenue in the state. This report is one of the first to thoroughly evaluate the positive impact of cannabis sales in the state.

    france free cannabis program

    Program Based in France is in Route to Prescribe and Provide Free Cannabis for Qualifying Patients
    A pilot program directed by The French Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) will use cannabis as a prescription and treatment for up to 3,000 qualifying medical patients. Patients in France with qualifying medical conditions were able to apply through November of 2020. The agency is outsourcing all of the product from cannabis companies around the world like Little Green Pharma, Aurora Cannabis, Panaxia, and Emma’s Life Science’s. These four companies will provide medical grade, lab tested products at their own costs for the doctors and patients in the program.

    A City in Massachusetts Drops Impact Fee for Local Canna-buisness

    Northampton, MA is going to stop requiring an impact fee that requires cannabis retailers to commit 3% of gross sales to the fee. The fee had racked in over $2.6 million over the years but the city is reversing it due to negative pushback. The city may decide to enforce a small impact fee if a business, “creates a specific cost to the city.”

    cbd for pets

    Martha Stewart Launches a CBD Line for Pets
    At the end of last year, Martha Stewart launched a CBD line in collaboration with Canopy Growth and now she’s expanding the collab with a CBD pet line. Though her line may have took off with tinctures, gummies, and oils, the soft-baked chews are now available for pet-lovers.

    cannabis friendly air bnbs

    Airbnb’s could soon be on their way to being cannabis friendly through a new bill introduced in Missouri

     A newly introduced bill in Missouri is pushing for lodging establishments like hotels and Airbnb’s to be able to allow for legal cannabis use under the proposed bill. The bill would require the state to develop a “medical marijuana lodging establishment” licensing that facilitates could apply for. This license would give the facilities the credentials to host guests that prefer a cannabis-friendly lodging experience. It would allow for the business to accept out of state medical cards to allow visitors to book in a smoking friendly room, once mandates are established.

    biden states act

    The New Admin Locks in Hope for Legalization, But is it Biden’s Priority?

    Although the industry is growing in many ways, many are still on the edge of their seats with hopes that legalization is in near sight. Although Biden and Harris reportedly advocate for decriminalization as a step in the right direction, professionals believe that cannabis reform isn’t a first priority in the midst of a pandemic. The three main acts that circulate around cannabis reform include the STATES Acts, MORE act, and the SAFE Banking Act. According to an article in Forbes, some advocates are endorsing the STATES Acts because it allows for each state to come up with their own set of local guidelines for regulating their local industry.

    legalization across countries

    US isn’t the only country moving towards legalization, other countries are also looking to legalize soon.

    As we settle into 2021, we are seeing a lot of reform in cannabis worldwide. US has made a lot of progress these last few years with so many states going legal, medically, recreationally, or in some instances even both. Now Mexico has extended their vote until April, but is looking to become the largest medical cannabis market among Latin America. Isreal has a bit of a history when it comes to progress in the medical cannabis world, however they are just now establishing a more regulated market that would allow for consumers 21 and up to purchase cannabis legally. In South Africa, policy writers are coming up with a more established set of guidelines and law for cannabis use.

    For years now Luxembourg, a small continent in Europe is looking to move forward with legalization, allowing those who are 18 and up to purchase cannabis, with a limit on how much is bought per month, and limits on packaging and marketing for canna-brands.


    With a new administration, there is a lot of optimism industry-wide that this next era will be the one of legalization. So make sure to stay up to date with all of the current cannabis news, and let us know what you want to see more of when it comes to the latest cannabis headlines! It seems that the market is constantly changing and we want to make sure we're keeping you up to date with the most important information out there.