Best Supporting Subscription Boxes

Best Supporting Subscription Boxes

September 23, 2020 Written by Celina Jauregui
As we recently celebrated five years of operating as a monthly subscription box, we wanted to feature some small businesses that do some of the same things as us.
Although we know you turn to DHC as one of the best smoking subscription boxes, we know that most of you have alternate interests in addition to your day to day hobbies.
Here is a compilation of subscription boxes that work as a great pair with our monthly boxes. With everything from childhood nostalgia in a box, to exotic candy and snacks, there’s a match out there for all of our subscribers.

daily high club munchies

Any sticker collectors? Or perhaps do you like customizing your smoking accessories
Maybe you just need a little color in your life? 
The sticker subscription box features quality stickers with designs by quality artists. This subscription, partners with artists of instagram to push out monthly stickers that are creative, colorful, and perfect for customizing different accessories.
daily high club


Are you a 90’s kid at heart who can't seem to shake the nostalgia that all those childhood memes seem to unveil every time you see something that brings you back to it? 

Well then, this quarterly box might be something to alleviate that nostalgia every few months and bring back the innocence of anticipating a surprise every so often, like waiting for birthdays or Christmas as kids! 

This box is the perfect pair for those of you who loved the 90’s box.
daily high club


Did you grow up on imported candy? Does this look like a box of childhood dreams? We all have that one market in town where we would go for the sweet & spicy goodies. 

Well this subscription sends those little goodies straight to your door, hand picked every month with everything from exotic to classic favorites. If you’re the kind of person who needs candy to cure their munchies then this is the perfect box pair with your future DHC subscription.
daily high club carrot


For all of our foodies out there, this ones for you. It’s the perfect way to try both new and familiar foods while reducing food waste! 

Imperfect foods teams up with different companies to bring food to you that’s still perfectly edible, but not always sellable due to the way they look. They might look funky but taste great! This company aims to reduce food waste and has even extended its services to include produce that may have not otherwise reached sales.
daily high club munchie box


This is perfect for the people out there with adventurous taste pallets. This box features a collection of snacks from different countries and every month the country switches and it even includes a little infographic on the snack and culture. 

And after all, we all feel a bit more elevated and open minded after a good sesh, right? Never leave your pallet wondering again!

daily high club so kawaii



Obsessed with all things Kawaii? Or do you know someone who is? This is the perfect addition for any collectors out there who like to keep things synchronous and aesthetically pleasing! 


This subscription contains a monthly supply of adorable trinkets, toys, and even basic household needs with a colorful, kawaii theme to them. Don’t miss out on this collectible box that makes the perfect duo with all your favorite DHC accessories!

daily high club book subscription box



Total bookworm? Perhaps you picked books again since the pandemic, right? Well, look no further in deciding what your next read is going to be with the Book of the Month subscription


This company sends you new releases, classic favorites, and the hottest reads for the best prices. This subscription allows you to hit pause and hand pick your monthly reads so that you're sure to stay entertained. The perfect pair with a new glass piece and some freshly ground greens.

daily high club subscription boxes



If you are having a hard time picking, then this last box might be the one that you have been looking for. This box has a different theme every month to provide something for every interest. The company partners with different subscriptions boxes so that you don’t have to search for or worry about canceling different boxes.


Whether you're still spending time at home due to the pandemic or you’ve started to make your way back into a regular routine, it’s never too late to spoil yourself and feed your interests.


Subscription boxes are so useful when it comes to being uncertain or indecisive on a product or brand; they allow you to try things out before committing or even just chooses for you with the randomness inside them. 

We might be the destination for glass pipes, bongs, and all your favorite smoking supplies but make sure to get those creative juices going after a good toke with your favorite DHC piece.



Tracy Hoffmann 10/20/2020

The stickers look really cool! I wouldn’t mind getting a couple of these boxes! Good present ideas.