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Best Smoking Subscription Boxes of 2018

Best Smoking Subscription Boxes of 2018

As 2019 peeps around the corner, let’s go through the list of all of the best DHC smoking subscription boxes that have been offered in 2018. Ring in the new year by scooping one of these popular packages of smoking supplies and drop a comment to let us know what you want to see us offer in the coming months!

Bong Cleaning Kit

Never again worry about funky flavors or stale water with the best Bong Cleaning Kit around! DHC has put together the best of the best in pipe cleaning technology to combat gross grime and enhance your smoking experience.

Best Smoking Subscription Boxes of 2018 Bong Cleaning Kit

Kit Includes:

Reusable ResRemover bong cleaner, featured in our August ‘18 TWT Collab Box
420 wipes for any sticky situations
Resolution caps to seal off the joint and mouthpiece for no-fuss and no-mess cleaning
A Smojo Screen to reduce the amount of build-up in your bong water or unwanted snacks in your pipe
Hard-bristled pipe cleaners for extra assistance


May ‘18 Traveler’s Bubbler Box

Pretend it’s summer all year long with the May ‘18 Traveler’s Bubbler Box. Complete with a beautiful scientific bubbler, drawstring bag and plenty of on-the-go supplies, this is the perfect package for the roaming smoker.

Best Smoking Subscription Boxes of 2018 May Travelers Bubbler Box

Box includes:

14mm Diamond Perc Traveler’s Bubbler
DHC Drawstring Bag
Reusable Stash Container
Flavored Rolling Papers
Windproof Torch Lighter
Flavored Pre-rolled Cone
Hemp Wraps
Rolling Tips
DHC Sticker Set

$29.99 (Reg. $49.99)

RAW Stocking Christmas Pack

Just because Christmas will soon be over doesn’t mean you can’t still spread some holiday cheer! The new RAW Stocking Christmas Pack is packed full of tried and true smoking supplies making it a perfect gift or the ideal order for the heavy roller. This is the best stocking you’ll ever receive, guaranteed.

Best Smoking Subscription Boxes of 2018 RAW Stocking Pack

Pack includes:

RAW Stocking
Daily High CLub Rolling Tray
RAW Rolling Machine
RAW Rolling Papers
RAW Clipper Lighter
Paper Rolling Tips Hemp Blunt Wraps
DHC Sticker Set


Ultimate Rolling Kit

If you’re a fan of the original DHC Rolling Kit, check out the new and improved Ultimate Rolling Kit that includes an HerbSave Mini Grinder, silicone smoke ring and papers! Everything you need to end sloppy rolling once and for all.

Best Smoking Subscription Boxes of 2018 Rolling Kit

Kit includes:

Daily High Club Metal Rolling Tray
DHC x Herbsaver Mini Grinder (assorted colors)
RAW 79mm Rolling Machine
RAW 1 ¼ Wide Papers
DHC Silicone Smoke Ring
RAW Clipper Lighter
Buddies Tube
Paper Rolling Tips


DHC Mystery Glass Box

If you’re getting yourself a present, nothing’s more perfect than the DHC Mystery Glass Box. Get a surprise mix collectibles, accessories, and a nice new glass piece, all chosen from the very best items in past DHC boxes. You never know what you might unwrap!

Best Smoking Subscription Boxes 2018 DHC Mystery Box


December '18 Santa Chong Box

Daily High Club partnered with Tommy Chong for this year’s epic December Holiday box. Enjoy our 14 mm Chong Express Train Bong with Santa Chong as the conductor! We packed this Holiday box with tons of goodies you’ll need to get through this season and beyond.

Best Smoking Subscription Boxes of 2018 Santa Chong Box

Box includes:

14 mm Tommy Chong Train Bong
HerbSaver Mini Grinder
Chong’s Choice Foldable Rolling Tray
Zen EFFEN 1 1/4" papers
ROOR Clipper Lighter
RAW Cone
Buddies Tube
Tommy Chong Air Freshener
XXL OGK Hemp Wraps
DHC Holiday Sticker Set

$30.00 w/ El Primo Subscription 
$49.99 Stand Alone Price (Reg. $100)

March ‘18 B-Real Dr. Greenthumb Collab Box

One of our most popular boxes of the year came when we teamed up with Dr. Greenthumb himself for the March sub box of smoking supplies. DHC was able to collaborate with B-Real of Cypress Hill (among many other things) to make sure your sesh is fresh AND funky. Just sit back, spark one, and get insane in the membrane with this dope ass box.

Best Smoking Subscription Boxes of 2018 B Real Greenthumb Box

Box includes:

B-Real's Prescription Pill Glass Steamroller
Stink Sack "Loud Pack"
Integra Boost Humidity Regulator
Clipper Lighter
HerbSaver Grinder
Elements Tips
Elements Papers
Buddies Tube
Raw Emperador Cone
Hemp Wraps
DHC Sticker Set


Daily High Club Pride Box

Looking for a bong that is for the people? Get that and more with the first-ever PRIDE smoking supplies box featuring a sick recycler bong and multiple items sourced from LGBTQ-friendly companies. DHC proudly employs and works with people who identify as LGBTQ, and we realized the lack of voice many members have within the smoking community. We want everyone to feel represented, and we hope this box helps make that possible!

Best Smoking Subscription Boxes of 2018 DHC Pride Box

Box includes:

The Hug Me Tight 14mm Dual Uptake Recycler Bong
LGBTQ-owned Hemp Kettle Tea Company Tea
RAW Original 1 ¼ Wide Papers
Full-Size Clipper Lighter
Custom DHC Rainbow Pride Headband
Custom Pride Mini Flag
Custom DHC Pride Lanyard
The Original Cones 6-pk
Custom DHC Pride Bong Mat


August ‘18 DHC x TWT Collab Box

If you’re loud and proud about smoking, this is the pick for you. When we collaborated with the content creators at TWT for the #RaiseYourBong box, we wanted something that would unite our entire community. So hold your bong in the air and yourself even higher with this cause-worthy gift.

Best Smoking Subscription Boxes of 2018 DHC TWT Collab Box

Box includes:

14mm Female TWT Mini-Beaker
ResRemover Glass Cleaner
RAW Papers
Full Size Lighter
DHCxTWT Bong Mat
Buddies Tube
Smojo Smoke Screen
The Original Cones 3-pk King Size Cones
100% Natural Hemp Wick
Hemp Wraps
DHC Sticker Set


Limited Edition Tommy Chong’s 80th Birthday Box

This year wished a happy 80th birthday to one of the biggest smoking icons, Tommy Chong! Curated by Tommy, this box includes all of our fave Chong pieces and a poster signed by the man himself!

Best Smoking Subscription Boxes of 2018 DHC Tommy Chong 80th Birthday Box

Box includes:

Limited Edition Chong's Glass Steamroller
DHCxTommy Chong T-Shirt
Signed Tommy Chong Poster
Raw Bamboo Rolling Mat
Chong's Choice Clipper Kasher
Clipper Lighter
Dragon Bristle Pipe Cleaners
Futurola King Size Tommy Chong Papers w/ Filter Tips
DHC Glass Filter Tip
Odor Eliminator Spray
V-Syndicate Grinder Card
Elements Prerolled Cones
DHC x Chongs Choice Stickers


DHC Ultimate Concentrates Kit

DHC upped the ante with the new and improved DHC Ultimate Concentrates Dab Kit. Our team of dabbing experts selected the highest quality products to deliver the finest dab experience directly to you!

Best Smoking Subscription Boxes of 2018 DHC Ultimate Concentrates Dab Kit

Kit includes:

A custom-made scientific glass rig with a fixed 5-arm tree perc and reinforced 90-degree female joint
Magnum Torch by Ignitus, one of the newest and most intuitive torches currently on the market
Directional flow carb cap for low temp flavor chasers
One XL 25 mm male quartz banger
Silicone non-stick building block container
Premium double-ended dab tool
DHC Silicone Dab Mat


DHC Online Headshop Christmas Tree Banger Hanger

Check out what other smoking supplies we have available on sale for the holidays in the DHC online headshop!

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