Best Glass for the Munchies

Best Glass for the Munchies

August 22, 2018 Written by SHANNON GOFF

Best Glass for the Munchies

Best Glass for the Munchies Apple Hand Pipe
Whether you’re a snacking smoker or a hardcore foodie, you’ll appreciate this list of smoking supplies for any lover of munchies!


Best Glass for the Munchies Lollipipe
This first item isn’t really glass, but you might like it even better! Savor the flavor of every hit - and nom out after. With this completely safe and easy to use candy pipe, every pull is a treat. Insert the plastic straw in the mouthpiece to prevent resin from building up inside. Available in cherry or green apple flavors.

Donut Rig

Best Glass for the Munchies Donut Rig
Satisfy that sweet tooth with a tasty treat! This deliciously delightful donut rig comes with a 14mm female joint and a four hole puck perc. Can’t forget the toppings! Sprinkled on top of this cute little bong is a too-good-to-eat donut mouthpiece.

July ‘18 Munchies Box

Best Glass for the Munchies July 2018 DHC Box
Explore all the treats and goodies sure to satiate your cravings while adding something special to your growing stash of smoking supplies. Our most recent July box includes both the Donut Rig and the Lollipipe mentioned above, as well as mouthwatering Juicy Jay Watermelon Papers.

Apple Hand Pipe

DHC Best Glass for the Munchies Apple Hand Pipe
An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so you better pick up the DHC x Crystal Cult Apple Hand Pipe! The palm-perfect shape, gold trim and beautiful red hue make this a piece you’ll turn to again and again.

DHCxCrystal Cult Box

DHC Best Glass for the Munchies Crystal Cult August 2017 Box
One of our most popular boxes, the August ‘17 Crystal Cult Collab Box features the dope apple-shaped hand pipe above, as well as a flavored hemp wraps and limited edition items like DHC body lotion and shower gel, and Speedy Veg Growth Promoter!
$ 49.99

Honey Bear Rig

DHC Best Glass for the Munchies Honey Bear Rig
Seen first in the July “Bear Essentials” Box, this has been a go-to pick for many DHC loyalists. Our 7” honey bottle-inspired rig features a fixed joint fitted with a classic 1-hole downstem while the bodacious bear shape reduces splash. Choose between a frosted brown or white and sweeten up your smoking supplies with the DHC Honey Bear!

Beer Bottle Rig

DHC Best Glass for the Munchies Beer Bottle Rig
Enjoy the smooth, refreshing taste of your favorite smoke with this bottle shaped piece! The Beer Bottle Rig features a 14mm male joint as well as a slitted inline perc for great diffusion and milky rips. Choose between a tobacco bowl or quartz banger + bowl at checkout.

Champagne Bottle Bong

DHC Best Glass for the Munchies Champagne Bottle Bong
Pop bottles with the DHC Champagne Bottle Bong! The circ perc’s multiple slits help with diffusion so there is little to no drag, and your bubbles stack for a rip smoother than fine champagne. Celebrate in style with this classy addition to your smoking supplies stash.

Dank Donut Dab Rig Mat

DHC Best Glass for the Munchies Dank Donut Dab Rig Mat
With a 4” diameter and a quarter inch of plushness, this donut mat is the perfect seat for your rig or bong. Scratch that base, no more!
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