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Back to School Guide: Quarantine Style

Although back to school is looking a little different for everyone at this point, there’s no doubt that with a new semester comes new stresses.
That means it will be important now more than ever to take care of mental health, stock up on back to school supplies, and more importantly, take time to balance the chaos with the chill.
That’s why Daily High Club wants to ensure that you have the most stocked and ready to go sets on deck for the upcoming semester!
daily high club dizzle puff bong
Wake and Bake the right way this semester by waking up and toking up with your favorite instagram duo. These ladies are known to be early birds, with positive attitudes, and day long stories of puffs and stuff of that sort. What better way to start your day than with this simple but unique collab piece? It's the breakfast of champions!
tea steep hammer bubbler
What better way to alleviate any stress or anxiety than to get this kettle going with your favorite herb!? This discreet table glass is perfect for those online zoom seshs because it sits nicely on a table top and it’s tubular mouthpiece makes it easy to disguise in a common area or in plain sight. 
glass elephant hand pipe
This adorable pipe is the perfect accessory to any desktop, dresser, or cabinet and blends in perfectly as a table top accessory. This little pipe holds a good amount of smoke so it provides large clouds and clean rips. It’s a simple way to kick things back while getting into the hang of school again. This is the perfect collectors item for those who have a passion or strong liking for elephants!
glass apple handpipe
Are you used to being a teacher's pet? At least trying to look like a goodie two shoes for the most part? Well then this is the perfect back to school gift for you, although it might not be the best gift for the teacher this year round, maybe a virtual greeting card would be better?
daily high club rocket bong
Get ready to blast off into this semester with a cute table top accessory to add to your collection this year. This remarkable glass piece makes it easy to take off as you're getting ready for the school day. Whether you’re still in pajamas or something more casual, this is the perfect glass to keep close and by your side this upcoming school year.
qloudup nexus pro pen
This portable pen is the perfect back to school accessory as it’s easily disguised and easy to store in something like a pencil pouch. It’s perfect for the daily doser who likes to switch up their choice of concentrates. Not only that, but it doesn’t limit the user to one, which means less getting stuck with stuff that might not be the right fit for you. This is perfect for extract geeks who are just trying to pull off a puff from time to time. The Qloudup Nexus Pro Pen is portable and excellent for on-the-go travels. 
daily high club paranoia pineapple bong
As the new school year begins for many of us, especially from home, typically comes a resolution; to eat better, or perhaps it’s to go outside more. Start this year off right with a bright and sweet new piece of glass! This will definitely kick off your days with a potent, yet delicious start.
daily high club ultimate rolling tray
Celebrate this upcoming school year by kicking it off with the ultimate set for the cone stoner! This is the gift that will keep on giving throughout the semester and is perfect for day to day use. It’s a discreet way to get ready for an after school sesh while still paying close attention to detail.
rasta frit chillum
This fused rasta themed chillum is the ultimate dry herb one hitter; it’s compact, user friendly, and easy to store. This item will also blend easily in a pencil pouch and is perfect for tucking away in small places like your pockets. Not only that, but the chillum is more diverse than a standard dry pipe because they’re typically one-hitters which makes it perfect for those who like to switch it up regularly. Chillums also work wonderfully for microdosing, which will make sure you get the desired effect.
daily high club 4 inch spoon pipe
This simple glass pipe is perfect for those who are just looking for something basic. At about four inches, this glass is your standard go to piece. The large volume allows for enormous clouds to form and is an easy go to when it comes to portability and discrepancy.
double circ perc beaker bong
Since every school is going to be facing different circumstances in regards to how the semester will start, some may want to celebrate the new school year. If you’re looking for a new daily driver, look no further. This 18 inch beauty has four percolators if you include the ice catch! The design is both reliable and hefty for any experienced smoker looking for a rewarding upgrade as things kick back into gear.
To Conclude
School will look a little different for everyone these next few months, which is why we wanted to make sure to think of not only the discreet and travel sized products, but also the welcome back (to school) rewards, as well as include table top glass! Whatever it is you're doing academically this year, DHC has got you set on those top notch supplies to make it through the day!

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