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A Black Friday Guide for her

The holidays are the perfect time to stock up on gifts whether they’re for yourself or others between Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Christmas sales make sure to keep your eyes peeled for coupon codes coming to a social outlet near you. In the meantime, browse this guide for shopping for her this holiday if you’re having trouble picking out the perfect goodie this season. From stocking stuffers to loaded gift sets Daily High Club carries the ultimate gift items to make this season a lit one.
Add this spooky skull-lit-ton to your collection while it’s still in stock, this purple edition skull is a spin-off of our classic clear glass skull but has reinforced matrix perc for even smoother performance. At seven inches tall this glass’ function is nothing short of perfect whether using it with bangers or bowls this glass is sure to leave you mind blown.
Daily High Club Pink Pig Zong Bong

Daily High Club Pig Bong

$ 84.99

Treat her with a spin on the classic pink piece, this 12 inch tall glass has a zong-style neck and a larger base chamber for those who like larger rips. It has four short legs for reinforcement so that the round pork belly won't be shattered as it is set down. This is an upgrade from our classic  pig pipe dry pipe and is sure to leave users squealing after each bowl.

This is the best time of the year to gift those with new toys like this dipper vaporizer, perfect for concentrates on the go. With the smoothest operation and delivery, this is ideal for those concentrate connoisseur’s who are looking for something a little bit more portable and discreet, but with the same strength as a conventional rig. 
$ 399.99
If you’re searching for something every connoisseur can agree to love then search no further, the Puffco Peak is a game-changing device. Even the best rigs can’t compete with the portability and quality of this electronic dab device. From beginners to concentrate connoisseurs the Puffco is the perfect way to enhance or step into concentrate game.
$ 39.99
Although only seven inches tall this beauty provides amazing filtration with its tree perc. Between the percolator and its shorter, seven inch size it provides the perfect size delivery and ensures that you are getting nothing but the cleanest rips.
$ 19.99
Get bakin’ with this bacon, a cute and simple like this pig pipe is the perfect gift for those who might be just getting into smoking. It’s portability, stylish, and the perfect starters dry pipe. 
$ 84.99
Check out this adorable addition that just came out, the sweetest price for the sweetest piece that DHC just added to its collection of food like the classic apple pipe, or the eggplant “not a dick” pipe. This discreet piece is on the heftier side and stands at nine inches, perfect size to be disguised as a real pineapple!
$ 49.99
Check out some of our sweet boxes to pull together an all-in-one gift set this season, boxes include up to over $100 value in accessories like the eggplant dry pipe, a clipper, rolling papers, cones, doob tubes, a KushKards Valentines Day Card, a smell proof sack, and much more. Browse our best of box collection this season for other all in one gift set ideas like this one.
$ 41.49
The perfect two-in-one this holiday is smaller and smoother and the perfect combo for any session, from bangers to roll-ups this piece of glass is convenient for either occasion.
$ 3.99
Perfect for water bottles, laptops, collectors, or wherever you choose to show your spirit. These Daily High Club stickers are the perfect stocking stuffers this holiday to keep things lit!
Check out our other blog for a glass and accessory guide for him this holiday and browse our year-round sale section for something special all year round.

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